Package Details: xscreensaver-backends 5.44-2

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Package Base: xscreensaver-backends
Description: Screensavers from XScreenSaver for common frontends
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Licenses: BSD
Conflicts: mate-screensaver-hacks, xscreensaver, xscreensaver-hacks
Submitter: xdavidwu
Maintainer: xdavidwu
Last Packager: xdavidwu
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First Submitted: 2018-11-09 05:32
Last Updated: 2020-09-12 03:41

Latest Comments

xdavidwu commented on 2020-09-12 03:43

@pencels patch merged!

pencels commented on 2020-09-12 00:56

@xdavidwu Just added myself to the PKGBUILD comment, thanks!

xdavidwu commented on 2020-09-10 14:07

@pencels patch LGTM. Do you want to be listed as contributor? If so, please add yourself into PKGBUILD comment and let me know when done.

pencels commented on 2020-08-30 09:56

Thanks for this package, it's nice to have all these screensavers available for other frontends.

I recently installed this for xfce4-screensaver and ran into some issues with the .desktop entries that I fixed in this commit:

Let me know if you're open to merging these changes into the package.

SpacingBat3 commented on 2020-06-18 21:58

@xdavidwu Thanks for a response!

I just cannot configure the preferences – I still can set all of my xscreensavers.

Anyway, I investigated the problem a little and I found an issue with xfce4-screensaver-configure package. I tried to configure with it my screensaver and I got this error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/xfce4-screensaver-configure", line 740, in <module>
    if not obj.load_from_file(fname):
  File "/usr/bin/xfce4-screensaver-configure", line 175, in load_from_file
    self.options = options
UnboundLocalError: local variable 'options' referenced before assignment

xdavidwu commented on 2020-06-17 04:12

Checked and it still works with xfce4-screensavers (on x86_64). What did you mean by cannot configure, the entries do not appear in your xfce4-screensavers or cannot configure the preference of a screensaver?

If you need to configure the preference of one screensaver you need to edit command line options in .desktop files. (For available options there are man pages of each screensavers.) The preference part of original screensavers bundled in xfce4-screensavers is hard-coded into the xfce4-screensaver-configure command and so other custom screensavers preference cannot integrate into it nicely.

I have no aarch64 machine to test it but I don't think that would cause problems. I think it should work as long as screensaver binaries work. You can test the screensavers by running those binaries located in /usr/lib/xscreensaver/.

SpacingBat3 commented on 2020-06-16 19:47

I have an issue with "xfce4-screensavers" application – I can't configure any of XScreensaver's screensavers. Any idea why?

Also please note I built this package on ARM64 (aarch64) architecture.

xdavidwu commented on 2020-03-23 09:24

@Wampir updated

Wampir commented on 2020-03-23 08:37

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