Package Details: zfs-dkms 0.7.12-2

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Package Base: zfs-dkms
Description: Kernel modules for the Zettabyte File System.
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Licenses: CDDL
Provides: zfs
Submitter: isiachi
Maintainer: eschwartz
Last Packager: eschwartz
Votes: 67
Popularity: 3.192155
First Submitted: 2015-08-31 12:01
Last Updated: 2019-01-02 14:31

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T4cC0re commented on 2018-12-31 22:06

Hey there, right now it is required to apply this patch to get it to compile 0.7.12 under kernel 4.20:

Here is a one-liner to apply the patch:

curl -sSL | sudo patch -p1 -d /usr/src/zfs-0.7.12 && sudo dkms autoinstall

karcher commented on 2018-11-05 23:43

@eschwartz: "Are you using some alternative packages that do not come from the AUR?" No.

I reinstalled spl-dkms, zfs-dkms and zfs-utils and then I could remove spl-utils. Thanks again!

eschwartz commented on 2018-11-05 22:55

Are you using some alternative packages that do not come from the AUR?

The spl-utils package contains some command-line tools used for running the spl module testsuite in case you are a zfsonlinux developer, whereas the zfs-utils package contains command-line tools which are actually useful to end-users in order to administrate a zfs filesystem.

As a result, I've dropped the spl-utils package altogether. If anyone wants to create a package installing these tools, they can... But you don't need it as a dependency of spl-dkms. However: you somehow have an spl-dkms package that does depend on it. It's possible that you've manually bumped the pkgver of the old package before it was updated.

Uninstalling them all and reinstalling from the AUR would fix it, but only because of the reinstall. You should just as easily be able to reinstall them without uninstalling first.

  • After reinstalling spl-dkms from the AUR, it will no longer depend on the missing spl-utils package and you can safely remove it.
  • If you have not rebuilt zfs-utils or zfs-dkms since I took over maintenance, you should rebuild those as well, for example in order to obtain the initcpio hook updates.

karcher commented on 2018-11-05 22:37

@eschwartz: thanks!

I've updated to the latest version but now when I try to update I see this:

$ aurman -Su --always_edit --show_changes --solution_way                                   
:: Starting full system upgrade...
there is nothing to do

~~ initializing aurman...
~~ the following packages are neither in known repos nor in the aur
:: spl-utils-0.7.11-1
~~ calculating solutions...
:: nothing to do... everything is up to date

and when I try to remove spl-utils:

$ aurman -R spl-utils         
checking dependencies...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: spl-dkms: removing spl-utils breaks dependency 'spl-utils=0.7.11-1'

or with the dependencies:

$ aurman -Rc spl-utils                                          
checking dependencies...

Packages (4) spl-dkms-0.7.11-1  zfs-dkms-0.7.11-2  znapzend-0.19.0-1  spl-utils-0.7.11-1

Total Removed Size:  14.46 MiB

:: Do you want to remove these packages? [Y/n] n

Should I remove them all and reinstall zfs-dkms? Or what else can I do to fix it?

eschwartz commented on 2018-10-31 15:38

I don't understand this thing at all, as splat.ko is provided by spl-dkms alongside the spl module itself, but splat is also a binary which interacts with the kernel module of the same name.

And splat is a testsuite, it certainly doesn't need to be in the initcpio. The error message should be harmless-ish, mkinitcpio is just warning you that it couldn't find one of the files and therefore if your boot process actually relies on the file in question, then it will have errors.

But, this should really be removed from the install hook altogether, along with a couple python scripts that I literally don't comprehend their presence.

solnce commented on 2018-10-31 14:05

There is still one issue. I have a machine with root on ZFS. With the current packages, I cannot build the initial ramdisk, because the module splat, formerly provided by spl-utils, is missing.

~ [1]$ sudo mkinitcpio -p linux-zen
==> Building image from preset: /etc/mkinitcpio.d/linux-zen.preset: 'default'
  -> -k /boot/vmlinuz-linux-zen -c /etc/mkinitcpio.conf -g /boot/initramfs-linux-zen.img
==> Starting build: 4.17.14-zen1-1-zen
  -> Running build hook: [base]
  -> Running build hook: [udev]
  -> Running build hook: [autodetect]
  -> Running build hook: [keyboard]
  -> Running build hook: [keymap]
  -> Running build hook: [consolefont]
  -> Running build hook: [modconf]
  -> Running build hook: [block]
  -> Running build hook: [encrypt]
  -> Running build hook: [zfs]
==> ERROR: file not found: `splat'
  -> Running build hook: [filesystems]
==> Generating module dependencies
==> Creating gzip-compressed initcpio image: /boot/initramfs-linux-zen.img
==> WARNING: errors were encountered during the build. The image may not be complete.

eschwartz commented on 2018-10-30 20:20

The provides has been re-added, as also mentioned in the zfs-utils comments.

I'm not going to remove security checks though, especially not for a high-profile package like a kernel module. If following the instructions from is a show-stopper for people, then so be it. Hopefully this won't be a big problem for people, though, especially as zfs is a fairly technical thing to use to begin with.

othiman commented on 2018-10-30 15:05


in the latest version the "provides=("zfs")" was deleted and so I wasn't able to update the packages since the zfs-snap-manager has a dependency on zfs.

An addition I had to add the pgp keys like described here: This might be a stopper for a lot of people.

Best regards, othiman

eschwartz commented on 2018-10-30 02:28

Sorry for the momentary absence of the package. I split it out because I didn't see the purpose of combining them, but while I successfully uploaded the new dkms package, the replacement utils package failed to upload because of my current terrible internet situation.

It's up now and should work, although as I don't use zfs I can only test that the modules compile successfully. But it's hopefully a lot more generic and better split.

solnce commented on 2018-10-28 22:06

@eschwartz: Am I correct to assume that zfs-utils is now replaced by zfs-utils-common, or are you going to upload a new version of zfs-utils? BTW: Thanks for maintaining this!