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Package Base: zfs-dkms
Description: Kernel modules for the Zettabyte File System.
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Licenses: CDDL
Conflicts: zfs-git, zfs-lts
Provides: zfs
Submitter: isiachi
Maintainer: isiachi
Last Packager: isiachi
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First Submitted: 2015-08-31 12:01
Last Updated: 2017-02-12 22:38

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RubenKelevra commented on 2017-03-13 16:55

@thunderforce I don't try to _install_ but update the package, don't know how you got the thought I would try to install it.

@isiachi Nope, you package is broken not an aurhelper script. This is a plane stupid "works for me" reason from your side.

If you say "my package need version=xyz" and you want to upgrade the package and the next version has the dependency "I need version=abc" it cannot be upgraded. As well as the dependency cannot be upgraded, because it's a needed dependency with this version for an installed version.

I would say, yes this could be fixed in pacman, if they add a layer of complexity: copy all installed package versions, change them to the new versions and checking all constrains. But since this is not done, your package uses a not compatible way of adding a constrain.

Since you update both packages at the same time, you could simply add a "higher than xyz" on the zfs package and it would work while updating.

RubenKelevra commented on 2017-03-13 16:44

This package is now again not working with the official kernel package since the compability patches for Linux 4.10 are missing. Please fix this

bus commented on 2017-03-12 17:05

I use zfs-dkms and I have no problem installing zfs-auto-snapshot-git either with pacaur or with makepkg.
Try downloading the PKGBUILD file and installing it with makepkg.

fow0ryl commented on 2017-03-10 19:23

I'm new on manjaro (arch based linux). So I may be wrong.
But to me, it looks like that "provides zfs" in zfs-dkms doesn't work.
I have zfs running, so I'm sure that zfs-dkms works as expected.
But when I try to install i.e. zfs-auto-snapshot-git, which depends on zfs it doesn't recognise "zfs" and try's to install linux...-zfs.
Then when I remove depends('zfs') or change is to depends('zfs-dkms') in PKGBUILD of zfs-auto-snapshot-git everything went fine.
When I do a "pacman -R zfs" I get "not found" too.

isiachi commented on 2017-02-20 20:47

Thanks for the help!

I have already explained that is a aur helper related problem in this comment:
isiachi commented on 2016-09-20 19:45

thunderforce commented on 2017-02-20 07:55

@RubenKelevra, not sure why you're trying to install this package, but while trying to use VirtualBox and a google search I ended up here. This fixed the DKMS hook for me:

sudo pacman -U linux-headers-4.9.8-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

:: Running post-transaction hooks...
(1/2) Install DKMS modules
==> dkms install vboxhost/5.1.14_OSE -k 4.9.8-1-ARCH
(2/2) Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate...

hope it's helpful

RubenKelevra commented on 2017-02-14 02:58

Still issues with a simple update because this PKGBUILD depends on a given version:

loading packages...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: zfs-dkms: installing spl-dkms ( breaks dependency 'spl-dkms='

RubenKelevra commented on 2017-02-12 14:55

Friday is now two days gone, so where's the update, mate?

RubenKelevra commented on 2017-02-08 22:33

Still no update? Why does it take 5 days for a simple subversion update, which only needs a checksum-push?

isiachi commented on 2017-02-07 00:23

There will be an update in friday.

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