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Description: ZIM - Zsh IMproved
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Licenses: MIT
Submitter: ishitatsuyuki
Maintainer: carbolymer (Rhinoceros)
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First Submitted: 2015-12-28 02:13
Last Updated: 2021-09-30 06:55

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carbolymer commented on 2021-01-11 21:41

Ugh, it was a PITA to create this package. Please note that errors are silenced, so if you have any issues with zim, remove &>/dev/null from your /etc/zshrc -

I had to do it this way: $ZIM_HOME is only writable by root and zim constantly tries to update & recompile itself (=write to $ZIM_HOME), which results in permission errors when starting zsh as a normal user.

If you want to add/remove a module:

  1. Add a respective zmodule in /etc/zsh/zimrc
  2. Run as root: zimfw install && zsh

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gavsiu commented on 2016-06-11 06:17

I'm getting the same issue now even though it's supposedly fixed.

zcompare:zcompile:2: can't write zwc file: /usr/lib/zim/modules/*.zwc

There are 123 lines and I substituted what was different on each line with a *

I've recently installed this on my unencrypted Arch install and did not have any issues. Although I cannot remember if I used the AUR or straight from GitHub.

I reinstalled on a different drive with FDE and this package is giving me that error. No .zimrc, copied my old .zimrc, copied my old .zim folder because for some reason I had one and I don't on the new install... nothing worked. This led me to believe maybe I didn't use this package.

ishitatsuyuki commented on 2016-04-25 09:01

@Rhinoceros: Latest PKGBUILD works fine for me. I could reproduce your problem if used old one.

BTW, I think init.zsh will source .zimrc...

Rhinoceros commented on 2016-04-25 07:38

@ishitatsuyuki I'm not sure what that fixed exactly? I'm still getting the same errors @Brottweiler, i.e. the install and `can't write zwc file` errors.

Ah, good point. So /etc/zsh/zshrc runs, calling /etc/zsh/zimrc (where the zmodules are defined), then /usr/lib/zim/init.zsh. Between these two source statements, I could add a line manually overwriting the zmodules. That's probably fine then. (Assuming I can work out the problems with the system-wide install.)

ishitatsuyuki commented on 2016-04-22 11:01

@Brottweiler CC @Rhinoceros
Fix uploaded.

@Rhinoceros: I'm not sure what you're going to do. You can change zim modules by modifying zimrc: that's loaded after global configuration and before initialization.

Rhinoceros commented on 2016-04-22 10:27

@Brottweiler Thanks for that. I can see from your comments on the Github issue that you are using a manual user-level install… I guess that's the only answer (and also fixes my other question). It's a pity we won't have automatic updates, though.

@ishitatsuyuki However, /etc/zsh/zshrc will still run before ~/.zshrc, so although the ~/.zshrc will run later (and have "higher priority"), the shell still will run both versions… and somehow unload the modules defined in /etc/zsh/zshrc. I guess I could modify /etc/zsh/zshrc (which is in the backup array) to point to an alternative instead of /usr/lib/zim/templates/zimrc, but then this would miss any updates. Having said that, @Brottweiler's comments make me think that the idea of a system-wide install is not workable anyway.

ishitatsuyuki commented on 2016-04-22 09:08

@Rhinoceros: The expected way is to copy that to .zimrc (others work too), and modify it. Then it has higher priority than installed one.

Brottweiler commented on 2016-04-22 07:49

@Rhinoceros, Please read this

Rhinoceros commented on 2016-04-22 06:36

When I install, I get
/usr/lib/zim/templates/zlogin:22: no matches found: /root/.zcomp^(*.zwc)(.)

Also, this package makes zsh source `/usr/lib/zim/templates/zimrc` by default, which is where the modules are enabled. I wonder if you could include this file in the backups array. Then users could modify this, and it won't be over-written on updates.