Package Details: zulip-desktop 5.11.0-1

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Package Base: zulip-desktop
Description: Real-time team chat based on the email threading model
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Licenses: Apache
Submitter: aspirogrammer
Maintainer: AI5C
Last Packager: AI5C
Votes: 13
Popularity: 0.000220
First Submitted: 2015-09-07 00:12 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2024-03-23 01:14 (UTC)

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alextm commented on 2023-03-19 19:32 (UTC)

I can confirm that this package works on aarch64 with a change to the pkgbuild. Obviously this change will break "normal" x86/x64 if applied like this, but I'm not familiar enough with making a pkgbuild to branch on the architecture (and trust it to work). In your next update I'd love it if I didn't have to patch the pkgbuild locally. I understand if you are hesitant to claim it's compatible with aarch64 without the ability to test yourself and want to leave it as incompatible.

@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ package() {
   cd $pkgname-$pkgver

   install -d "$pkgdir"/usr/{lib,bin}
-  cp -a dist/linux-unpacked "$pkgdir"/usr/lib/$pkgname
+  cp -a dist/linux-arm64-unpacked "$pkgdir"/usr/lib/$pkgname
   ln -s /usr/lib/$pkgname/zulip "$pkgdir"/usr/bin

   install -Dm 644 LICENSE -t "$pkgdir"/usr/share/licenses/$pkgname

AI5C commented on 2022-07-25 18:16 (UTC)

@lai: that is an issue localized to your machine, not a problem with the package or zulip-desktop. Suggestion: remove and rebuild.

lai commented on 2022-07-25 09:07 (UTC)

Built version has stop to work. Launched from terminal, it complains about

Full bug report in

ISSOtm commented on 2022-06-18 18:18 (UTC)

I have just built the package with python instead of python2, and without nvm (i.e. by using nodejs 18.3.0-1) without issue, so that would be a nice dependency trimming. It appears to function correctly, too.

AI5C commented on 2022-04-07 01:38 (UTC)

@Fingel: Thanks for the patch

Fingel commented on 2022-04-06 17:23 (UTC)

The zulip-desktop.desktop doesn't specify the correct StartupWMClass which causes some issues with Gnome shell and possibly other modern DEs: If you pin the application the actual running instance will always show as a separate window with the wrong icon. To fix just add:


to zulip-desktop.desktop

AI5C commented on 2021-05-02 18:05 (UTC)

@Phoosier : It's still listed as a dependency in the build docs, and appears to be utilized by some of the node modules. If you have other insights, happy to look at removing it.

Phoosier commented on 2021-05-02 12:20 (UTC)

Correct me if I am wrong but I don't think the python2 dependency is necessary (any more).

AI5C commented on 2020-03-04 04:39 (UTC)

update for 4.0.3:

flacks commented on 2019-07-31 07:45 (UTC) (edited on 2019-08-02 06:00 (UTC) by flacks)

Here's a working PKGBUILD:

# Contributor: Jean Lucas <>

pkgdesc='Real-time team chat based on the email threading model'
arch=(i686 x86_64)
depends=(alsa-lib atk at-spi2-atk cairo dbus fontconfig gdk-pixbuf2 glib2 gtk3 hicolor-icon-theme libcups libxcomposite libxcursor libxdamage libxext libxfixes libxi libxkbfile libxrandr libxrender libxss libxtst nspr nss pango)
makedepends=(npm python2 libxkbfile)

prepare() {
  # We need an API key for Sentry, so let's not use it
  sed -i '5s#!##' $pkgname-$pkgver/app/renderer/js/utils/sentry-util.js

build() {
  cd $pkgname-$pkgver
  npm i
  npx electron-builder --dir

package() {
  install -Dm 644 zulip.desktop -t "$pkgdir"/usr/share/applications

  cd $pkgname-$pkgver

  mkdir "$pkgdir"/usr/{lib,bin}
  cp -a dist/linux-unpacked "$pkgdir"/usr/lib/$pkgname
  ln -s /usr/lib/$pkgname/zulip "$pkgdir"/usr/bin

  for i in 16 24 32 48 64 96 128 256 512; do
    install -Dm 644 build/icons/${i}x${i}.png \

  install -Dm 644 LICENSE -t "$pkgdir"/usr/share/licenses/zulip-desktop

and a desktop entry:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Real-time team chat based on the email threading model