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irtimmer commented on 2018-01-19 10:35

WARNING: Before you go ahead and install Anbox on your system, please keep in mind that Anbox is not yet stable. Not every feature is working well yet. You will find bugs, see crashes and unexpected problems. As this is a Git package, patches should go upstream as they will not be bundled with the package.

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eschwartz commented on 2020-10-25 22:40

Speaking with my official Trusted User hat on, I agree that anbox-modules-dkms-git should be its own PKGBUILD. It doesn't share sources, pkgver() or build(), so I'm not sure why it is mixing two different components together...

Terence commented on 2020-10-25 11:56

With python2 is replaced by python3 (python in archlinux repo) so the makedepends array needs to be updated.

blue commented on 2020-10-19 02:41

@G3ro: Thank you for updating the wiki! With the new instructions, Anbox installs and works perfectly with linux-zen.

G3ro commented on 2020-10-18 18:30

@cyberpunkrocker: Ok, thx for pointing that out. I forgot about older kernels. I guess I will add a section for that in the wiki.

@irtimmer: Could you split your PKGBUILD, so that users who only need Anbox, can install it without building the dkms-modules as well (or needing to edit the PKGBUILD)?

cyberpunkrocker commented on 2020-10-18 17:14

@G3ro: the dkms modules are still needed by linux-lts kernel, and they work with it

G3ro commented on 2020-10-18 13:06

@blue: Thx for the comment, I just saw that linux-zen is using regular binder: Could you test it without the binderfs instructions? Use "binder" instead. Run as root or with sudo: "modprobe ashmem_linux binder_linux" to activate the necessary modules.

If that does not work, some package maintainers might need to adjust things.

Also it is an open question to me whether the dkms modules still work or not, if someone could try and confirm this, write a message here or in the wiki.

blue commented on 2020-10-18 01:29

There is a mistake in the wiki instructions. The linux-zen kernel does not enable binderfs by default, so another kernel is needed.

mount -t binder binder /dev/binderfs returns the following error with the linux-zen kernel:

mount: /dev/binderfs: unknown filesystem type 'binder'.

Lumpiasty commented on 2020-09-15 00:47

Missing dependency - dbus-c++

bartus commented on 2020-09-14 18:18

Unable to build in clen-chroot: missing systemd in makedepends array.

$ extra-x86_64-build -c -r /tmp/clean/ -- -I roperties-cpp-0.0.1-1-any.pkg.tar.xz
-- Checking for module 'sdl2'
--   Found sdl2, version 2.0.12
-- Checking for module 'SDL2_image'
--   Found SDL2_image, version 2.0.5
-- Checking for module 'dbus-1'
--   Found dbus-1, version 1.12.20
-- Checking for module 'lxc'
--   Found lxc, version 4.0.4
-- Checking for module 'properties-cpp'
--   Found properties-cpp, version 0.0.1
-- Checking for module 'libsystemd'
--   Package 'libsystemd', required by 'virtual:world', not found 

Specifically it requires package systemd which provides pkgconfig for libsystemd and yunks dbus-1.

cyberpunkrocker commented on 2020-09-13 19:06

@koroki: 5.7+ kernels, I'm afraid that's the current situation. Bug the Arch kernel maintainers and ask them to compile in the anbox modules.