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First Submitted: 2013-01-27 01:20
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markzz commented on 2015-12-29 23:33

Just to be clear, this package should not be used to replace pacman in any way.

markzz commented on 2015-10-08 01:29

Adopted and fixed. Be sure to flag this package if anything goes outdated and I don't notice.

yurikoles commented on 2015-10-07 21:51

You are welcome

max-k commented on 2015-10-07 20:01

I'm OK to adopt it if needed.

libraries versions has been updated :

JonnyJD commented on 2015-05-07 09:34

Nobody wants to adopt the package?

The package works well currently so updating the PKGBUILD shouldn't be much more work than flagging the package as outdated.

JonnyJD commented on 2015-04-14 17:46

updated to

This package updates frequently and updates break our package because the old version is not available at the debian servers anymore.
I didn't use the package anymore for quite some time now.

I disowned the package in the hope that you can adopt it and keep it updated.

The complete package history can be found here:

JonnyJD commented on 2015-02-11 12:45

I've updated the PKGBUILD with the workaround by mbunkus, using /bin/dash instead of /bin/sh (symlinked to bash).
That workaround somewhat makes sense, since dash is also what Debian is using as a /bin/sh symlink.

Please do keep me updated on this bash issue though. Bash (invoked as sh) and automake generated files should work together. So this is probably a bug in one of the tools and is either fixed soon or should be reported.
I can't hunt that down myself ATM though.

And also keep me updated why an "outside build" makes any difference. Even when bash 4-3.33 is a problem, it would be used by an inside and outside build as the /bin/sh -> bash link is system wide.
Unless of course you run "dash configure" or something similar.

mbunkus commented on 2015-02-11 12:15

For me I could fix it by using dash for configure instead of bash. This addition in PKGBUILD right before ./configure --prefix… fixed it:

sed -i -e 's|#! /bin/sh|#! /bin/dash|' configure

JonnyJD commented on 2015-02-11 12:03

I am still at bash 4.3.30(1) and I can't do an update right now (important stuff going on on the system).

Could you be more explicit with "I can build the package outside of the PKGBUILD"?
Just running
$ ./configure && make
fails with
configure: error: cannot run /bin/sh buildlib/config.sub
(having automake 1.14.1)

When I do the automake step before:
$ automake --add-missing --no-force -W none
$ ./configure --prefix=/usr && make

I do get this:

warning: failed to load external entity "/usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/docbook-xsl/xhtml-1_1/chunk.xsl"
compilation error: file ./docbook-html-style.xsl line 5 element import
xsl:import : unable to load /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/docbook-xsl/xhtml-1_1/chunk.xsl
../buildlib/docbook.mak:35: die Regel für Ziel „/var/abs/local/_src/_debian/apt/apt-“ scheiterte

That is the reason I do that sed parts to just fix the docs target.
I do have these installed:
docbook-xml 4.5-6
docbook-xsl 1.78.1-1
(again, I can't run a full upgrade just now)

So please do be more specific with "I've just build it".
There is no big difference of build() to an outside build in general. I don't see why an outside build works better for you than just changing the build() part of the PKGBUILD.

Anonymous comment on 2015-02-11 11:41

I'm on zsh too. But I manage to fix the problem using a workaround. It happens that I can build the package outside the PKGBUILD. So I've just build it, comment out the build function in PKGBUILD and run makepkg it to package it. Not the best way to do it, but it works. Hope this helps those who got the same issue.