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First Submitted: 2018-03-02 07:39
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ssorgatem commented on 2018-03-27 06:47

To enable DXVK in a wineprefix, do the following (with the WINEPREFIX variable properly set):

setup_dxvk install

In order to uninstall DXVK from a wineprefix:

setup_dxvk uninstall

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ssorgatem commented on 2018-08-28 04:34

@Greencopper, the "dxvk-bin" package contains nothing, it just depends on tje 32 and 64 bit packages.

greencopper commented on 2018-08-28 04:19

sudo pacman -U dxvk-bin-0.70-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz 
loading packages...
resolving dependencies...
warning: cannot resolve "dxvk-win32-bin", a dependency of "dxvk-bin"
warning: cannot resolve "dxvk-win64-bin", a dependency of "dxvk-bin"
:: The following package cannot be upgraded due to unresolvable dependencies:

:: Do you want to skip the above package for this upgrade? [y/N]

zfkerr commented on 2018-08-17 15:36

Hi, @ssorgatem! DXVK 0.70 release brought the completely abolition of Philip "Doitsujin" Rebohle, the DXVK author thinks that it's you who should write a new such script, or take its script and add it to all your DXVK PKGBUILS's. Can we hope that you will do this? More details of this discussion can be found here:

Thank you! Regards!

TheRealSoup commented on 2018-08-17 14:18

In package_dxvk-win32-bin

Should it be replaces=("dxvk-bin") or replaces=("dxvk-bin<0.63-5")

ssorgatem commented on 2018-08-07 16:50

That's a good point, I updated to 32-bit package to depend on lib32-vulkan-icd-loader instead.

Before the split, the package consisted of 2 different builds of DXVK: a 32-bit build and a 64-bit build.

I think that alone justifies splitting it into 2 packages. Not everyone will need both DXVK builds.

It also allows to have one of them from this source package, and the other one from the dxvk-git package or even the winelib DXVK build, in which case the 32/64 bit split makes much more sense from the "host" point of view.

In the future, the ideal situation would be to use winelib builds instead of Windows DLLs for both 32 and 64 bit DXVK, but currently only 64-bit DXVK can be built as a wine library.

hybrid commented on 2018-08-06 21:37

Thx for going the extra mile with a transition pkg. But I wonder why is this pkg split in the first place? I don't see any lib32 dependencies, it is more or less a blob. The 32bit/64bit is for the "guest system" wine, not for the "host" arch linux. This doesn't make any sense to me. What am I missing?

petercxy commented on 2018-08-06 09:16

Shouldn't the win32 version also depend on lib32-vulkan-icd-loader?

ssorgatem commented on 2018-08-05 17:59

Yeah, I noticed just a few seconds too late. I'll fix it for the next release.

silly commented on 2018-08-05 17:48


just a small comment; you forgot to reset pkg rel when updated to 0.64 so now it is 0.64-5.

ssorgatem commented on 2018-07-22 07:24

Package updated. Maybe he could have released a 0.63.1 version instead of re-releasing 0.63.... with the same version number and same URL but different code.