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Submitter: haawda
Maintainer: haawda (shmilee)
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First Submitted: 2008-02-12 19:10
Last Updated: 2018-07-10 05:03

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greyltc commented on 2018-06-18 11:24

@haawda please fix the checksum

==> Validating source files with sha256sums...
    engauge-10.7.tar.gz ... Passed ... FAILED
    engauge.desktop ... Passed

zoidberg commented on 2018-06-06 04:20

The sha256sum in the PKGBUILD for seems to be wrong. Can you check it?

haawda commented on 2018-05-14 21:30


shmilee commented on 2017-04-07 05:45

translations, engauge.qch, `Categories=Education;`, jpeg2000 and PDF support.
All Done.

haawda commented on 2017-04-06 15:54

shmilee, I added you as co-maintainer. Feel free to upload your PKGBUILD here.

shmilee commented on 2017-04-06 08:34

For jpeg2000 and PDF support, we should add this to `build()`

export OPENJPEG_INCLUDE=/usr/include/openjpeg-2.1 OPENJPEG_LIB=/usr/lib
export POPPLER_INCLUDE=/usr/include/poppler/qt5 POPPLER_LIB=/usr/lib
qmake-qt5 "CONFIG+=jpeg2000 pdf"

About the depends array:
depends+=('openjpeg2' 'poppler-qt5')

New PKGBUILD(I will delete it after you merge PKGBUILD)

shmilee commented on 2017-04-05 13:35

Version 10.0 is out.

And, the translations of this package are lost.

`help` dir is not needed. We should use engauge.qch and engauge.qhc built by script `help/build`.

Maybe, we can add `Categories=Education` to the desktop file.

archChecker commented on 2016-11-13 11:03

Thx! worked

haawda commented on 2016-11-13 07:34

Weird, I first tried and it did not work for me. Then I switched to, and it worked. Now it is the other way around.

lorsch commented on 2016-11-12 15:32

It is accessible via

archChecker commented on 2016-11-12 09:52

thx for the fast update.

But the source link

does not work.

haawda commented on 2016-01-04 07:30

Thanks, updated.

mcmillan commented on 2016-01-04 05:47

I noticed development has moved to github with a new version working with qt5

git diff output to make the PKGBUILD work with the new version (got to build, but haven't really looked to see if other changes make sense)

@@ -1,31 +1,35 @@
# Contributor: Stefan Husmann <>
pkgdesc="A Digitizer for curves and scanned plots"
arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
-depends=('qt4' 'fftw')
-source=("$pkgver/${pkgname}_${pkgver}.tgz" "$pkgname.desktop")
+depends=('qt5-tools' 'fftw' 'log4cpp')
+optdepends=('libpng12: For reading png image files'
+ 'libjpeg-turbo: For reading jpeg image files'
+ 'openjpeg: For reading jpeg2000 image files'
+ )
+source=("$pkgver.tar.gz" "$pkgname.desktop")

build() {
- cd $srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver
- qmake-qt4
+ cd $srcdir/${pkgname}6-$pkgver
+ qmake-qt5

package() {
- cd $srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver
+ cd $srcdir/${pkgname}6-$pkgver
install -Dm755 bin/$pkgname $pkgdir/usr/bin/$pkgname
- install -Dm644 usermanual/animation.png \
+ install -Dm644 help/animation.png \
install -d $pkgdir/usr/share/doc/$pkgname
cp -r samples $pkgdir/usr/share/doc/$pkgname
- cp -r usermanual $pkgdir/usr/share/doc/$pkgname
+ cp -r help $pkgdir/usr/share/doc/$pkgname
install -Dm644 $srcdir/$pkgname.desktop \

haawda commented on 2013-12-20 21:14


jdarch commented on 2013-12-20 12:40

The 'Exec' line in the .desktop file might benefit from adding the command line option "-manual /usr/share/doc/engauge/usermanual" to it.

jdarch commented on 2013-12-20 11:31

Version 5.2 is available:

haawda commented on 2013-03-01 21:01

Dependency qt4

hseara commented on 2013-03-01 17:00

Please change dependency from qt to qt4. This is due to the new incorporation of qt5 as default.
Right now the system cannot be updated due to this unless MP3DIAGS is removed.

hseara commented on 2013-03-01 17:00

Please change dependency from qt to qt4. This is due to the new incorporation of qt5 as default.
Right now the system cannot be updated due to this unless MP3DIAGS is removed.

Anonymous comment on 2013-03-01 14:00

I think qt changed to extra/qt4 but engauge depends on qt and doesn't allow me to upgrade!

sirocco commented on 2012-12-27 04:12


haawda commented on 2012-12-26 21:31

Sorry for the inconvenience.

aistrem commented on 2012-12-26 20:33

md5sum is not fixed. Must be 99be0d3853a754339924ad84a20b953c. In the URL "src_" should substitute "src-".

sirocco commented on 2012-12-26 03:55

Incorrect URL. Should be

Should depend on the qt and not on the qt3.

QTDIR PATH LDFLAGS should be changed?

sirocco commented on 2012-12-26 03:37

Incorrect URL. Should be

haawda commented on 2012-12-25 18:46


Anonymous comment on 2012-12-25 15:31

I cannot build the new engauge version:
==> Validating source files with md5sums...
digit-src_5_1.tar.gz ... FAILED

haawda commented on 2012-04-14 09:48

Thanks, done.

pie86 commented on 2012-04-14 09:34

please add this line in the build function:

sed -i "s/stdlib\.h/unistd\.h/g" src/pointmatch.cpp

otherwise won't compile.

haawda commented on 2010-08-07 09:41

thank you, added.

Anonymous comment on 2010-08-07 06:54

Can you please add a .desktop file, like this: