Package Base Details: glfw-git

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Submitter: linkmauve
Maintainer: ricardomv (linkmauve)
Last Packager: linkmauve
Votes: 13
Popularity: 0.000373
First Submitted: 2015-07-10 23:14
Last Updated: 2018-12-20 20:31

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4censord commented on 2020-10-15 20:12

It doesnt build without having meson installed.

Log: /bin/sh: meson: command not found make[2]: [src/CMakeFiles/libdecoration.dir/build.make:125: src/extern/libdecoration/src/libdecoration-stamp/libdecoration-configure] Error 127 make[1]: [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:143: src/CMakeFiles/libdecoration.dir/all] Error 2 make: *** [Makefile:149: all] Error 2

eschwartz commented on 2020-01-15 13:23


optdepends are NOT an appropriate way to list a package with optional build-time features. optdepends MUST only be used for things that are optional at runtime, specifically.

Furthermore, makepkg won't even show you optdepends, so you won't even see it until you try to install the result with pacman, unless you read the PKGBUILD (you should) in which case it should be listed as commented out in the PKGBUILD, as the makedepends that it is.

The feature you are looking for is called Gentoo USE flags, makepkg does not support this use case, and if you wish to do so anyway you can add a flag variable at the top of the PKGBUILD which requires manual editing.

Please fix this broken package immediately.

thaewrapt commented on 2020-01-15 11:58

The build can't complete somehow when 'doxygen' is not installed. I suggest moving it from optdepends to makedepends as a workaround, so html docs are always built.

Anonymous comment on 2019-04-18 16:45

Oh, thanks, could you please change the version of the package though, most AUR helpers only update packages when the version changes, so it would be nice if you could change the version to the version of the git repository(3.3) instead of the current one of 3.2.1 so it would trigger AUR helpers to update this package when the user does an update.

linkmauve commented on 2019-04-17 10:24

Hi, as you can see, this is a -git package, it gets updated to git master whenever you run makepkg again. If you want to use 3.3, use the package in community.

Anonymous comment on 2019-04-17 09:49

Hey just curious if this package will get updated to glfw 3.3?

linkmauve commented on 2018-12-20 19:36

Fixed, thanks both of you. :)

ewtoombs commented on 2018-12-20 19:32

Error1000: I had the same problem. I did the same fix.

Anonymous comment on 2018-12-20 09:13

Due to a change in the way pacman handels /usr/lib64 and symlinks, i had a problem installing it saying that /usr/lib64 exists in filesystem, and the fix was installing this package in /usr/lib instead of /usr/lib64 which is probably a better default anyways, so to do that i added the line: -DCMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR=/usr/lib to cmake which should fix the problem.

ewtoombs commented on 2018-12-16 18:57

One of the latest commits has broken the build process. This fixes it:

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index de645a2..b618414 100644
@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ build() {
     -Wno-dev \
@@ -43,6 +44,7 @@ build() {
     -Wno-dev \

Also, hey, linkmauve. How's it goin'?