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First Submitted: 2017-04-01 18:39
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FabioLolix commented on 2019-09-15 14:39

gconf-sharp is available in AUR now

quequotion commented on 2019-07-14 00:06


If the source is still out there I'll try to ressurect it as a new AUR package (don't remember which it was actually in), to be honest though gnome-sharp is long dead :( currently I only need it for glippy, which is also long dead :(

One of these days we'll have to move on.

FabioLolix commented on 2019-07-13 16:16

gconf-sharp dependency is no more present in the repo or AUR

AllanDaemon commented on 2017-11-18 08:58

On my system, I had to install the package gnome-sharp to it works. Otherwise, it gives the error:
'MonoDevelop-Unity, add-in could not be started 'MonoDevelop.GnomePlatform.5.?'

quequotion commented on 2017-11-09 18:30

Wow, you are like a bug detective. Good work!

Repackaged as per your git, except for gconf-sharp, which is provided in [extra] (at version 2.24.2-5). The section is commented out, so the PKGBUILD can be easily modified to build the newer version.

barton commented on 2017-10-26 05:08

I just used the fixes provided by @bititanb.
Flawless. Thanks for that.

illegaldisease commented on 2017-09-27 08:36

For the fix of this error :

Settings.cs(1,1): error CS1012: Too many characters in character literal
Settings.cs(1,93): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `/'
Settings.cs(1,114): error CS1012: Too many characters in character literal

They or something probably added the first line wrongly. To fix it, comment out the first line at


and go to ../gnome-sharp

run makepkg -si yourself.

this is located at your AUR cache parent-folder. It could differ for everyone.

bititanb commented on 2017-09-15 15:44


Thanks for the fixes.


For now maybe we can ship the version with the patch? I got the patch from FuzzyCheese, made some fixes, so no changes needed from you.
Here are the patch and PKGBUILD:

Btw, I removed some old patches that already in upstream.

FuzzyCheese commented on 2017-09-02 23:48

Upstream problem in mono/gnome-sharp
A file is being specified "gconf-sharp.dll" instead of just the directory name in gnome-sharp/sample/gconf/ line 25.

PATCH: fix_mono_path.patch
Apply patch file to extracted gnome-sharp package snapshot: patch -i fix_mono_path.patch
The error is raised on line 438 in mono/mono/metadata/assembly.c because with a file specified it fails the directory test "g_file_test (*splitted, G_FILE_TEST_IS_DIR)"

I could only find other uses of MONO_PATH as directory and never as a file.

A file has been specified in gnome-sharp/sample/gconf/ for at least 11 years.
Two years ago mono_set_assemblies_path (mono_path) was implimented.
Prior to that change it looks like the DirectoryInfo function was used and it does not care if a file is specified as stated here:
"In members that accept a path, the path can refer to a file or just a directory."

I think the mono change on Mar 15, 2016 triggered this problem but is not the cause.

The error can be traced like this:
gnome-sharp/sample/gconf/ line 25 - Set MONO_PATH env and exicute mono.

mono/mono/tests/assembly-load-remap.cs line 30 - Use value from MONO_PATH as parameter to function mono_set_assemblies_path.

mono/mono/metadata/assembly.c line 438 - Raise warning if path value is not a directory.

glib function g_file_test() - Tests filename.

quequotion commented on 2017-06-23 01:11


Has anyone tried to build this on another distro? I'm curious if this problem is upstream or if something can or should be done about it for arch in particular.