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irtimmer commented on 2019-08-21 20:20

NOTICE: Since version 1.15.3 this package(s) only provides the required bits to setup a cluster using kubeadm (similiar to the debs/rpms provided by the upstream project) as documentation about setting up a cluster from scratch has removed and provided systemd services were out-of-date. Also there is now only 4GB of ram required to build the package.

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Svenstaro commented on 2018-05-01 13:56

I try to help keep the AUR running smoothly and part of that is to make sure that packages that are outdated for a long time can be picked up by other people who might have more time on their hands. For instance, this package has been OOD for 1 1/2 months.

I can add a co-maintainer if you would prefer to keep primary control of the package and and have someone help you keep things up to date.

irtimmer commented on 2018-05-01 13:36

@Svenstaro it would help if people wouldn't disown packages without prior notice >:( . So I expect no further interference on your part with my packaging.

Svenstaro commented on 2018-05-01 10:24

irtimmer adopted the package again shortly after me orphaning it. I expect an update soon.

Svenstaro commented on 2018-04-30 16:43

Package has been outdated for over a month, orphaning package. Somebody go ahead and take care of it.

hsafe commented on 2018-04-16 10:56

Verify that though the Go version patch works and solve the issue of the Go version but still the installation no matter which method i.e yaourt or local PKGBUILD install fail at stage: cmd/gke-certificates-controller while filling the _output and leaving the drive with no space

jholmer commented on 2018-03-25 19:29

Verified latest PKGBUILD from @r2p2 is successful, fixes the "Please install go1.9.1 or later." error I was seeing with the AUR PKGBUILD.

r2p2 commented on 2018-03-10 10:59

@hsafe, @treq11 and @Kppqju77, the patched PKGBUILD from treq11 did not work for me also so I investigated a bit and replaced the git apply with patch -p1 < and it works:

hsafe commented on 2018-02-21 05:58

@treq11...I tried the edited PKGBUILD on still the make does not finish there a plan of an official fix to that ?

mp/go-link-183165137/go.o: no space left on device !!! [0221 09:25:17] Call tree: !!! [0221 09:25:17] 1: /tmp/yaourt-tmp-hsafe/aur-kubernetes/src/kubernetes-1.9.3/hack/lib/ kube::golang::build_binaries_for_platform(...) !!! [0221 09:25:17] 2: hack/make-rules/ kube::golang::build_binaries(...) !!! [0221 09:25:17] Call tree: !!! [0221 09:25:17] 1: hack/make-rules/ kube::golang::build_binaries(...) !!! [0221 09:25:17] Call tree: !!! [0221 09:25:17] 1: hack/make-rules/ kube::golang::build_binaries(...) make: ** [Makefile:92: all] Error 1 make: Leaving directory '/tmp/yaourt-tmp-hsafe/aur-kubernetes/src/kubernetes-1.9.3' !!! Error in hack/ Error in hack/ 'make -C "${KUBE_ROOT}" WHAT="${BINS[]}"' exited with status 2 Call stack: 1: hack/ main(...) Exiting with status 1

I do presume it is not only me...or perhaps...:)

treq11 commented on 2018-02-19 20:48

The versions error seems to be related to the issue on

Here is an updated PKGBUILD:

Kppqju77 commented on 2018-02-19 16:55

Anybody else have complaints about the wrong Go version?

Detected go version: go version go1.10 linux/amd64.
Kubernetes requires go1.9.1 or greater.
Please install go1.9.1 or later.
make[1]: [Makefile.generated_files:322: _output/bin/deepcopy-gen] Error 1
make: [Makefile:496: generated_files] Error 2