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air-g4p commented on 2019-08-27 08:25


In a clean folder, and running makepkg -sri the build failed, but in a different way. I got as far as:

-> Applying patch 0004-drm-amdgpu-pin-the-csb-buffer-on-hw-init-for-gfx-v8.patch... patching file drivers/gpu/drm/amd/amdgpu/gfx_v8_0.c -> Setting config... -> Applying enable_additional_cpu_optimizations_for_gcc_v9.1+_kernel_v4.13+.patch ... patching file arch/x86/include/asm/module.h patching file arch/x86/Kconfig.cpu patching file arch/x86/Makefile patching file arch/x86/Makefile_32.cpu HOSTCC scripts/basic/fixdep /usr/bin/ccache: invalid option -- 'W'

then I also saw:

make[1]: [scripts/ scripts/basic/fixdep] Error 1 make: [Makefile:508: scripts_basic] Error 2 ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in prepare(). Aborting...

Any ideas? Thanks

graysky commented on 2019-08-26 21:05

@air-g4p - Does it build outside of the chroot? I'm thinking the chroot build script doesn't look outside of that environment and will therefore fail.

air-g4p commented on 2019-08-26 16:51


I'm seeing several inexplicable errors with the latest build:

When trying to build ck with time extra-x86_64-build in a clean chroot, I get as far as:

Kernel Live Patching (LIVEPATCH) [N/y/?] n

configuration written to .config

-> No modprobed.db data found /startdir/PKGBUILD: line 157: exit1: command not found ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in prepare(). Aborting... ==> ERROR: Build failed, check /var/lib/archbuild/extra-x86_64/user/build

this DESPITE: modprobed-db store showing:

180 modules currently loaded per /proc/modules 180 modules are in /home/user/.config/modprobed.db

AND the correct path in PKGBUILD:


Also, please have a look at Line 157 of PKGBUILD.

Did you intend to type exit as opposed to your current exit1?

I have never seen this modprobed error previously.

Ideas are welcome...

graysky commented on 2019-08-20 19:31

I haven't made an ISO/no idea. You could ask on CK's blog why it fails with that mount command. I do not edit beyond the changes his patchset make.

zerophase commented on 2019-08-20 00:46

@graysky archiso failing to build appears to be an issue with the CK kernel. No, idea what's different from Arch, as the only thing I changed was the compression algorithm used for initramfs.

Have any idea what might be causing the mount failure with CK?

zerophase commented on 2019-08-17 18:41

@graysky This is a forum post I made on the issue. It looks like folders under the work directory are not able to be identified as mount points. If you install archiso, and just run sudo cp -r /usr/share/archiso/configs/releng/ ~/archlive; cd ~/archlive; sudo ./ -v The issue should reproduce itself.

I just happened to decide to try the Arch kernel to see if that resolved the build failure I was receiving, and everything just built successfully. Looks like others have identified this issue in the past, but did not report it. I have a feeling it has something to do with mkarchiso.

graysky commented on 2019-08-17 11:10

You have provided nothing to go on...

zerophase commented on 2019-08-17 00:42

I'm having issues getting archiso to successfully build an image when running the CK kernel. Everything builds fine with the default kernel. Is anyone else having this issue? Could it be from disabling initramfs support, other than LZ4? Is this a CK issue or archiso issue?

rzax666 commented on 2019-08-09 09:57

@charveey thx but fix pkgbuild please ;D

Deadstar commented on 2019-08-09 05:19

Will the AMD Llano processors family be added to the kernel?