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gloriouseggroll commented on 2017-08-01 06:16

just a heads up arch kernel updated to 4.12 on the 7/29, has BFQ scheduler but i dont think it's enabled by default. maintainer probably already knows this, just leaving a reply for reasons to get it upgraded <3

What’s New in Linux 4.12

Among some of the many (many) new features, tweaks, changes and improvements in Linux 4.12:

Improvements to the F2FS (flash-friendly file system)
Initial support for GeForce GTX 1000 w/ Nouveau
Initial Radeon RX Vega support
Support for Intel RealSense SR300 camera, Razer Sabertooth & Mad Catz Brawlstick
USB Type-C port manager
Improved keyboard backlight support in Dell laptop driver
Support for the Intel volume button (intel-vbtn) driver
New ThinkPad T470 hotkey mappings
Sound driver fixes for Skylake, Atom SoCs
New sound drivers for various soundcards/chips

Vega cards release on August 14th, would be really nice to get this kernal to 4.12 by then. Thanks for keeping this updated!

portaloffreedom commented on 2017-07-27 15:10

As quoted in the description, the only differences are:
- added BFQ disk scheduler
This will get some improvements on disk reads and writes. You can keep downloading or compiling in the background with minimal impact on other processes
- xpad.c from steamos kernel (no need to use steamos-xpad-dkms package)
For better compatibility with gamepads
- setted up CPU frequency to 1000Hz
For better results in multi threaded - multi process programs that want need to have a small latency

Plexcon commented on 2017-07-23 23:30

Linux-covolunablu-gaming was successfully installed. I would appreciate a more detailed explanation of its functions. I do not see any difference with the ARCH kernel

portaloffreedom commented on 2017-07-20 12:47

@Plexcon please write at least something in english. I can see that you have problem with GPG keys but I cannot really get what the problem is. Or if you are using aur or our repo.

Plexcon commented on 2017-07-19 22:36

==> Verificando las firmas de las fuentes con gpg...
linux-4.11.tar ... HA FALLADO (clave pública desconocida 79BE3E4300411886)
patch-4.11.9 ... HA FALLADO (clave pública desconocida 38DBBDC86092693E)
==> ERROR: ¡No se ha podido verificar alguna de las firmas PGP!

Funcionó con: (ok)
gpg --recv-keys 79BE3E4300411886 38DBBDC86092693E
Descargando linux-covolunablu-gaming-4.11.9-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz...

portaloffreedom commented on 2017-05-22 10:10

Hi @gloriouseggroll!
Thanks for your compliments! We really appriciete them!

About your issue,
the sha256sum is correct; the issue is within makepkg.

Solution: DELETE the file 0003-block-bfq-add-Early-Queue-Merge-EQM-to-BFQ-v7r11-for.patch before running makepkg. The up to date one will be downloaded.

The problem is that the file didn't change name, but it changed in content. Since makepkg is already finding the file downloaded, it's not downloading it again. Even if the path to the file is different.

Anyway the two patches should be practicallty identical, just a version in the header of the patch should differ. So I don't think you should run in any problem. Just in case recompile with the correct patch :)

gloriouseggroll commented on 2017-05-21 02:00

sha256sum failed for


just a heads up

gloriouseggroll commented on 2017-05-12 22:38

Heya, just letting you know I really like this kernel. Runs really nicely for gaming, its also the only kernel I've found with BFQ that doesn't stutter during vulkan games. Having steam xpad integration is awesome as well. Really glad I found this. Keep up the great work!

sten_gun commented on 2017-05-05 10:19


You have to import kernel gpg keys to verify it
try to run this before compiling the package.
gpg --recv-keys 79BE3E4300411886 38DBBDC86092693E

it should be sufficent

oldnordic commented on 2017-05-04 18:57


some issues trying this kernel.

==> Verifying source file signatures with gpg...
linux-4.10.tar ... FAILED (unknown public key 79BE3E4300411886)
patch-4.10.8 ... FAILED (unknown public key 38DBBDC86092693E)
==> ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified!
==> ERROR: Makepkg was unable to build linux-covolunablu-gaming.
==> Restart building linux-covolunablu-gaming ? [y/N]