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Submitter: yurikoles
Maintainer: Lone_Wolf
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First Submitted: 2018-12-05 13:56
Last Updated: 2020-04-21 19:34

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Lone_Wolf commented on 2019-04-12 20:41

I've looked good at clang-trunk , llvm-svn, repo llvm/clang packages and think this package is now on route to become a worthy successor to llvm-svn .

  • llvm-libs-git holds the runtime libraries.

    It conflicts with the repo llvm-libs package. This is the only way to make sure the llvm linker from git is used, and that's needed for a full dev environment.

  • llvm-git

    has llvm , clang, compiler-rt, ocaml & python bindings, polly , lld , lldb .

The Package now uses a new environment variable to make ninja behave, NINJAFLAGS. If you want to use it adjust the snippet below to your desired values and add it to makepkg.conf.

Incase you are satisfied with ninja defaults you don't need to do anything.

# Add to makepkg.conf
# limit ninja to 20 jobs
# requires special code in PKGBUILD
# see ninja --help for additonal options

The check() function fails rather often, but I do suggest to build with them. If build fails due to test failure you can add --nocheck to skip the tests.

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Lone_Wolf commented on 2019-04-16 01:13

I went back to the last llvm-svn version I had in cache (jan 14 2019) and found the clang in that package also segfaults.

There's some kind of problem with building clang + llvm together like it in llvm-svn and this package.

Going to bed now, will think tomorrow about changes

Lone_Wolf commented on 2019-04-15 12:04

I decided to run ninja clang-check to see if it reported something useful and it did.

0/1] Running the Clang regression tests
llvm-lit: /home/panoramix/Documents/Aur/pkgbuilds/llvm-git/src/llvm-project/llvm/utils/lit/lit/llvm/ note: using clang: /home/panoramix/Documents/Aur/pkgbuilds/llvm-git/src/_build/bin/clang
llvm-lit: /home/panoramix/Documents/Aur/pkgbuilds/llvm-git/src/llvm-project/llvm/utils/lit/lit/llvm/ fatal: Couldn't find the include dir for Clang ('/home/panoramix/Documents/Aur/pkgbuilds/llvm-git/src/_build/bin/clang')
FAILED: tools/clang/test/CMakeFiles/check-clang

Comparing include files between this package, my llvm-lw-* variant and repo llvm shows this package is indeed missing some.

example : extra/compiler-rt & compiler-rt-lw-git both have usr/include/sanitizer/ & /usr/include/xray folders. llvm-git has those folders under usr/lib/clang/9.0.0/include .

It looks like compiler-rt and/or clang are not build correctly. This needs to be investigated further.

QuartzDragon commented on 2019-04-14 15:15

I'll see if this allows Clang to run properly.

Lone_Wolf commented on 2019-04-14 15:11

updated pinned comment

yurikoles commented on 2019-04-14 08:30

==> Making package: libclc-git 1:r585.9f6204e-1 (Sun Apr 14 11:29:47 2019)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Updating libclc git repo...
Fetching origin
warning: redirecting to
==> Validating source files with md5sums...
    libclc ... Skipped
==> Extracting sources...
  -> Creating working copy of libclc git repo...
Reset branch 'makepkg'
==> Starting pkgver()...
==> Removing existing $pkgdir/ directory...
==> Starting build()...
LLVM-LINK nvptx--nvidiacl/lib/
CXX utils/prepare-builtins.o
LLVM-CC nvptx64--nvidiacl/lib/
LLVM-AS nvptx64--nvidiacl/lib/subnormal_helper_func.ll.bc
Stack dump:
0.      Program arguments: /usr/bin/clang++ -MMD -MF utils/prepare-builtins.o.d -I/usr/include -std=c++11 -fno-exceptions -D_GNU_SOURCE -D__STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS -D__STDC_FORMAT_MACROS -D__STDC_LIMIT_MACROS -fno-exceptions -fno-rtti -DHAVE_LLVM=0x0900 -c -o utils/prepare-builtins.o ./utils/prepare-builtins.cpp 
1.      Compilation construction
warning: Linking two modules of different data layouts: 'nvptx--nvidiacl/lib/subnormal_helper_func.ll.bc' is '' whereas 'llvm-link' is 'e-p:32:32-i64:64-i128:128-v16:16-v32:32-n16:32:64'

LLVM-CC nvptx64--nvidiacl/lib/async/
 #0 0x00007effa79483db llvm::sys::PrintStackTrace(llvm::raw_ostream&) (/usr/bin/../lib/
 #1 0x00007effa79462c4 llvm::sys::RunSignalHandlers() (/usr/bin/../lib/
 #2 0x00007effa794644e (/usr/bin/../lib/
 #3 0x00007effa6a93e00 __restore_rt (/usr/bin/../lib/
 #4 0x000055e4aab7a2d4 std::_Sp_counted_ptr_inplace<llvm::sys::fs::detail::DirIterState, std::allocator<llvm::sys::fs::detail::DirIterState>, (__gnu_cxx::_Lock_policy)2>::_M_get_deleter(std::type_info const&) (/usr/bin/clang+++0x9452d4)
 #5 0x00007effa7901bf6 (/usr/bin/../lib/
 #6 0x000055e4aac26781 (/usr/bin/clang+++0x9f1781)
 #7 0x000055e4aac27730 (/usr/bin/clang+++0x9f2730)
 #8 0x000055e4aac41486 (/usr/bin/clang+++0xa0c486)
 #9 0x000055e4aab8bf3b clang::driver::Driver::getToolChain(llvm::opt::ArgList const&, llvm::Triple const&) const (/usr/bin/clang+++0x956f3b)
#10 0x000055e4aab97a83 clang::driver::Driver::BuildCompilation(llvm::ArrayRef<char const*>) (/usr/bin/clang+++0x962a83)
#11 0x000055e4aa7d0a17 main (/usr/bin/clang+++0x59ba17)
#12 0x00007effa6a80223 __libc_start_main (/usr/bin/../lib/
#13 0x000055e4aa7e431e _start (/usr/bin/clang+++0x5af31e)
LLVM-CC nvptx64--nvidiacl/lib/async/
make: *** [Makefile:9: utils/prepare-builtins.o] Segmentation fault (core dumped)
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
warning: Linking two modules of different data layouts: 'generic--/lib/subnormal_use_default.bc' is '' whereas 'llvm-link' is 'e-p:32:32-i64:64-i128:128-v16:16-v32:32-n16:32:64'

==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

yurikoles commented on 2019-04-14 08:24


some packages still depend on clang-svn/llvm-svn, for example libclc-git

PedroHLC commented on 2019-04-13 20:58

Just in case someone needs, building with a systemd-nspawn container requires some capabilities, or disable tests.

Lone_Wolf commented on 2019-04-13 15:23

Well, I haven't found the cause of clang breakage, but did find a workaround :

Use llvm-lw-git + compiler-rt-lw-git + clang-lw-git .

QuartzDragon commented on 2019-04-13 13:36

Don't bother.

I got the same error even without the patch, before your latest commit.

Lone_Wolf commented on 2019-04-13 13:31

QuartzDragon : building in clean chroot gives same error.

I'll try building without the enable-SSP-and-PIE-by-default.patch .