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graysky commented on 2020-10-18 11:09

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papakilo commented on 2020-09-15 14:12

EDITED several days later

Come on boys, I gave you the tip about the patch for kernel 5.8 and where to find it... and now nobody willing to help me?

2020-09-15 14:12

NOT working in Manjaro with kernel 5.8.9 showing these errors:

... patching file xxxxxx (lots of files) ...

and ending with:

patching file uvm/nvidia_uvm_lite_api.c ==> Removing existing $ pkgdir / directory ... ==> Starting build () ... NVIDIA: calling KBUILD ... make [1]: / usr / src / linux: File or directory does not exist. Stop. NVIDIA: left KBUILD. nvidia.ko failed to build! make: [Makefile: 202: nvidia.ko] Error 1 ==> ERROR: An error occurred in build (). The operation is about to be stopped ...

leopseft commented on 2020-09-12 17:18

Update: After full system update and using nouveu in meanwhile, I reinstalled the driver with clenbuild the package and the module built successfully for the 5.8.8 kernel!!

jwmartnet commented on 2020-09-07 21:05

Same error here, running LTS kernel & nvidia LTS drivers. After much headscratching I just: pacman -S linux-lts linux-lts-headers Seemed to fix it.

leopseft commented on 2020-09-06 17:31

@holyArch Yes, just tried it, the module build successfully with no errors but the driver doesn't work.

holyArch commented on 2020-09-05 23:32

Have you tried

env IGNORE_CC_MISMATCH=1 dkms install -m nvidia -v 340.108 -k 5.8.6-arch1-1

leopseft commented on 2020-09-04 17:46

Today I updated with the latest toolchain first, then reboot (just in case), then installed the latest kernel (5.8.5 and tested with 5.8.6 too) and the headers and still nothing. Gave a try to the 5.8.3 too and still nothing. The only combination that works for me as well is linux 5.8.1.arch1-1 with linux-headers 5.8.1.arch1-1 and gcc 10.1.0-2 with gcc-libs 10.1.0-2 and lib32-gcc-libs 10.1.0-2 as mentioned before.

fvsc commented on 2020-08-22 19:10

@graysky also cat /proc/version gives the info for the installed kernel. Linux version 5.8.2-arch1-1 (linux@archlinux) (gcc (GCC) 10.2.0, GNU ld (GNU Binutils) 2.35) #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu, 20 Aug 2020 20:45:00 +0000

But I want to know the toolchain of a new kernel before I install it. Downgrading, insert [testing] in pacman.conf, upgrading and so on is a little too time consuming for me. I will see if I find some info and let you know.

graysky commented on 2020-08-22 15:23

@fvsc - It's rare that the kernel build with an outdated toolchain is offered.

I guess you can look in [testing] if you know they updated gcc and see what's there. You can grep dmesg for it on your current kernel and then just see what is in [testing]:

% dmesg| grep gcc
[  +0.000000] Linux version 5.4.60-1-lts (linux-lts@archlinux) (gcc version 10.2.0 (GCC)) #1 SMP Fri, 21 Aug 2020 16:53:54 +0000

Maybe there's an easier way.

fvsc commented on 2020-08-22 14:40

@graysky I followed your solution and it is OK now. Many thanks.

Do you know how I can check which toolchain was used to build the kernel before upgrading my system. Thanks in advance.

graysky commented on 2020-08-22 09:05

Again, the problem is that 5.8.2 was build with gcc 10.1.0. At that time, gcc 10.2.0 was in [staging] not [testing]. 5.8.2 went into [core] before gcc 10.2.0 went into [testing]. 5.8.3 was build with gcc 10.2.0 and they moved gcc 10.2.0 to [core] before 5.8.3 came out of [testing].

Solution: update your system so you get the new toolchain then pull 5.8.3 and (headers) from [testing] so dkms builds for you.