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Submitter: simonsmh
Maintainer: JerryXiao (graysky)
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First Submitted: 2019-06-07 10:29
Last Updated: 2021-06-06 02:31

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graysky commented on 2021-05-10 15:03

OK, I honestly forgot that I included an example config file. Since I don't have the hardware for testing, and since I still don't have a sense from users that it is a requirement, I will leave it in the post_install and depend on the user's ability to read pacman's output and manually copy the example over.

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susanne commented on 2021-04-13 08:18

"Anyone please can confirm are there troubles or not with this driver and linux 5.11.13.arch1-1" - yes, me, my Thinkpad R61 only works with this driver on lts-kernel

hackins commented on 2021-04-12 19:41

Anyone please can confirm are there troubles or not with this driver and linux 5.11.13.arch1-1

jester commented on 2021-03-27 21:58

Today I have updated the system with pacman and I have Graphic mode again. I use XFCE and LXDM, now I can write the password and everything seems Ok, but when I open an application, window manager is not working and I don't have the windows controls.

I tried to execute xfwm4 or xfwm4 --replace but I get the error gtk-warning cannot open display:

With a ps xfwm4 process does not appear.

leopseft commented on 2021-03-27 20:06

@tioguda you gave me such a great idea man!!

I completely disabled the DM, I changed the default target to (instead of graphical target) then configured a minimal .xinitrc to start properly the KDE and in the end I automatized startx to autostart after login and finally automatized login user with systemd.service!! Got rid off DMS for good!!

You Rule man! Keep it simple brothers!!

ansgoati commented on 2021-03-27 19:59

@leopseft @auriculaire I just trying to get the nvidia package work, on kernel 5.11.8 i was able to switch to nouveau maintaining the nvidia but after the upgrade and installing the lts kernel xinit can't start, i have sddm.

auriculaire commented on 2021-03-27 16:13

@ansgoati Personally, I didn't try to reinstall "nouveau" because my graphics card (GeForce 9400/integrated/SSE2) is too old, and I know that my pc (mac) often crashed when I first installed archlinux with "nouveau" by default. However, @leopseft gives you a good direction that you can refine by searching the internet. Sorry about that.

leopseft commented on 2021-03-27 04:45

@ansgoati If you want to use nouveau I assume you have already deleted any nvidia.conf in xorg.d, right?

Just tried with the sddm update and the 5.11.10 kernel and still nothing.

Should we report a bug in upstream? Or it will be ignored because it is Nvidia related??!!

tioguda commented on 2021-03-27 01:56

I have been using it without problems since the 5.11.2 kernel, but it is in Manjaro Gnome, another user reported that Manjaro Xfce is starting well too.

I also had to make the change mentioned in my other comment here.

In KDE I can start with startx from tty2.


ansgoati commented on 2021-03-27 01:39

@auriculaire i've installed the lts kernel, recompile the nvidia package and now i can't even use nouveau. What could happen ? What i need to put on Xorg ?? Thanks

auriculaire commented on 2021-03-25 16:25

@leopseft : Yes of course. In fact, with lightdm, only xfce can connect but crashes. Maybe because of the background... But the problem is not due to the kernel nor to the cross-desktop but to the package: nvidia-340xx-dkms 340.108-18 on kernel 5.11....Good day.