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First Submitted: 2021-01-22 18:42
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Cabopust commented on 2021-05-04 21:11

So. I have now rebased this package and done some work to fix and improve it. Among the major changes:

  • The package now has its own duplicates of nvidia-utils, opencl-nvidia, lib32-nvidia-utils, and lib32-opencl-nvidia. This gets rid of the dependencies from the extra Arch Linux repository. It also fixes the not-so-good dependency situation that was there before. However, this change now requires the user to enable the Multilib repository because of the lib32-nvidia-utils-performance and lib32-opencl-nvidia-performance packages, although you can ignore installing them :)

This change also expands the ability to add new patches.

  • Added two new binary patches, this nvidia-patch integration ( in this package. Which removes some restrictions from NVENC/NvFBC. You can optionally apply them via the _nvidia_patch parameter in PKGBUILD.

  • The _pref_max_performance parameter has now been replaced by the _powermizer_scheme parameter, giving more control over the power management of the NVIDIA driver through the PowerMizer setup. You can read more information in PKGBUILD.

  • Added the ability to customize the nvidia-settings icon (

  • The previously mandatory egl-wayland dependency is now taken out as an optional dependency.

Let me remind you that you can suggest your own patches and I will try to add them to this package.

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afader commented on 2021-07-04 18:03

I'm having trouble booting to the 5.12.13 kernel. Could this package be out of date?

Cabopust commented on 2021-06-23 18:09

@KerfuffleV2 The problem was caused by forgetting to update the metadata of the patch itself. Although I added lines to the patch to add the nvidia-peermem module to the dkms kit, I forgot to change the lines responsible for how many and where to change. I.e. before the patch file said to change only 10 lines in place N. At the same time, the last two lines (12 in number) in the patch, adding the nvidia-peermem module, were simply ignored.

KerfuffleV2 commented on 2021-06-23 17:57

@Cabopust Not sure what happened with the other version either, since it did seem to be correct looking at the patch on this Aur site. It seems like it wasn't the only one to have issues, though.

I can confirm that -4 is able to install without issues though.

Cabopust commented on 2021-06-23 17:27

@d00d00 Now fixed.

@KerfuffleV2, I don't understand what could have caused this. If you look at the changes of nvidia-dkms-conf.patch in my previous commit, the line you mentioned is there and it doesn't cancel the error. Also, when I encountered this, it was enough for me to just make another attempt to build the package and the DKMS modules built normally. I will review this change later.

Update: Yes, I'm a fool, and I forgot to update the appearance of the patch. Sorry.

d00d00 commented on 2021-06-23 17:01

470.42.01-2 is broken. Had to switch back to default nvidia.

KerfuffleV2 commented on 2021-06-23 12:45

470.42.01-2 had issues, for me at least. It left the dkms.conf file in an unusable state and the install script seemed to just ignore the errors, leaving the Nvidia module in an unusable state.

The problem seems to be that the nvidia-peermem module definition in /usr/src/nvidia-470.42.01/dkms.conf is missing a module destination. You can edit this file and add that line so it looks like this:


Then manually run the dkms command (the failed install should show the commands it tried to run). Example for the current default kernel: dkms install --no-depmod -m nvidia -v 470.42.01 -k 5.12.12-arch1-1

You also need to run the depmod manually: depmod 5.12.12-arch1-1

This needs to be repeated for each kernel version you have installed. If you have the Nvidia module in your initramfs then you'll need to also regenerate that afterwards, for example with the default setup mkinitcpio -P should suffice.

Cabopust commented on 2021-06-22 14:56

Updated to beta release 470.42.01.

Note: If you want to test Wayland with this release, please install the egl-wayland package, as it is represented as an optional dependency in nvidia-utils-performance.

Update: And yeah, install xorg-xwayland-git package from AUR.

Cabopust commented on 2021-06-22 14:13

I started working on upgrading to 470.

Cabopust commented on 2021-05-21 08:19

@AvinashReddy3108 Yes, I know that these parameters can be corrected through modprobe.d, moreover, I originally found and checked them that way. I mentioned this in the description of NVreg-Improvements.patch.

AvinashReddy3108 commented on 2021-05-21 04:29

Hey @Cabopust,

Since the _powermizer_scheme= and _override_max_perf= variables in the PKGBUILDS are just kernel module parameters, I made a modprobe.d file to be able to have a different configuration without having to rebuild the package again (maybe also for people who use prebuilts of this package).

Check this out:

The documentation in the file is adapted from the PKGBUILD.