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Keywords: cryptocurrency peercoin
Submitter: ammon
Maintainer: smp
Last Packager: smp
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First Submitted: 2016-02-29 19:48 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-11-06 18:50 (UTC)

Latest Comments

ammon commented on 2019-02-19 12:01 (UTC)

This package is now hosted at

ammon commented on 2018-06-27 10:32 (UTC)


I've stopped using ArchLinux locally so maintaining this package is not really high on list of my priorities.

Message me if you'd like to take over.

As for the boost incompatibility, you should have raise the Issue on the github.

smp commented on 2018-06-15 06:33 (UTC)

Apart from the aforementioned issue (pkgrel in .SRCINFO), Peercoin doesn't seem to build with Boost 1.67. The following error occurs during build():

checking whether the Boost::Unit_Test_Framework library is available... yes
configure: error: No working boost sleep implementation found
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

smp commented on 2018-03-22 18:09 (UTC)

pkgrel in .SRCINFO needs to be bumped to 4.

smp commented on 2018-03-22 08:40 (UTC)

The Peercoin binary is being copied from the wrong directory. Also, pkgrel in .SRCINFO is out of date.

diff --git a/.SRCINFO b/.SRCINFO
index 63c0aa8..c331a79 100644
--- a/.SRCINFO
+++ b/.SRCINFO
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 pkgbase = peercoin
        pkgdesc = Official Peercoin wallet.
        pkgver = 0.6.2
-       pkgrel = 1
+       pkgrel = 2
        url =
        arch = x86_64
        arch = i686
diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index a864763..2347705 100644
@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@ package_peercoin-qt() {

        cd "$srcdir/${_gitname}-${pkgver}ppc"
        install -Dm644 "contrib/debian/${pkgname}.desktop" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/applications/${pkgname}.desktop"
-       install -Dm755 peercoin-qt "${pkgdir}/usr/bin/$pkgname"
+       install -Dm755 "src/qt/peercoin-qt" "${pkgdir}/usr/bin/$pkgname"
        #install -Dm644 COPYING "${pkgdir}/usr/share/licenses/peercoin/COPYING"
        install -Dm644 "src/qt/res/icons/peercoin.png" "${pkgdir}/usr/share/pixmaps/peercoin.png"

ammon commented on 2017-12-05 10:51 (UTC)


depends=('qt5-base' 'miniupnpc' 'boost-libs' 'qrencode' 'miniupnpc')

tindzk commented on 2017-11-29 12:35 (UTC)

The qrencode dependency is missing.

smp commented on 2017-10-28 20:57 (UTC)

peercoin.install has two mistakes. First, a symlink to the wrong file is being created in peercoin_install(), line four should be ln -s /usr/bin/peercoin-qt /usr/bin/ppcoind Second, the wrong file is being removed in post_remove(), line 16 should be rm /usr/bin/ppcoind Also, .SRCINFO doesn't have its pkgrel (line four) updated to the same value as in PKGBUILD.

smp commented on 2017-06-02 06:30 (UTC)

The package no longer seems to compile with GCC 7.1.1.

<deleted-account> commented on 2016-07-18 09:48 (UTC)

sha256sums appear to be off, I show: sha256sums=('61d9de36f111c833afa491d4db2473985e126a26fd5f913db6663bdec88c1075' '6cb18e19847bbf4066920dbbf4371ddf07409392408fc6d079487e8759ea322e' '28d80670d836c57ffa38729508649afbe05338dc92c89a44c64230a7ebd97eae' '3f71859675561dd35c4527d96651b07996968e318dfbf26e8ce959f61a0d682f' '5123ec91ad8b304f46c53f49b52ffd1e41c66c3df40c23209128ce2761f7c079' '88459c23c17faca43582745591ebc54ed4baac85beb26aadeb3b43363c852d74')