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First Submitted: 2012-06-24 22:51
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LithiumPT commented on 2016-01-26 15:20

kamahl, this should make it compile cleanly:
ln -s /usr/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h /usr/include/freetype2/freetype.h

felixonmars, would it be possible to make this package compatible with standard php install? Having both php (currently at version 7) and php53 coexist would be awesome! Maybe you could take a look at how the php56 package does it, as it can be installed side by side with php(7).

jachymb commented on 2016-01-14 12:52

I am getting the following error during configure:

configure: error: freetype.h not found.

I have the package freetype2 installed.

felixonmars commented on 2014-11-07 06:36

Hrm, since I don't find an environment to test it myself, I'll add a working service file if suggested.

sysfu commented on 2014-10-24 04:44

The unmodified php-fpm.service file which I copied from the php-fpm-5.6.2 packagce does not work for some reason.

If I run the command specified in the service file manually; '/usr/bin/php-fpm --nodaemonize --pid /run/php-fpm/' it works.

If I try starting the service using 'systemctl start php-fpm' it fails with the following vague messages in the systemd journal

Oct 23 17:33:57 fs systemd[1]: Failed to start The PHP FastCGI Process Manager.
Oct 23 17:33:57 fs systemd[1]: Unit php-fpm.service entered failed state.

felixonmars commented on 2014-10-24 02:32

Does the unmodified version work for you? I don't use fpm myself, but I can add it if it just works.

sysfu commented on 2014-10-24 00:09

Here's the systemd service file that php-fpm 5.6.2-2 is using:

Description=The PHP FastCGI Process Manager

ExecStart=/usr/bin/php-fpm --nodaemonize --pid /run/php-fpm/
ExecReload=/bin/kill -USR2 $MAINPID


sysfu commented on 2014-10-24 00:06

If you get time could you please add a .service file to the package so it can easily be enabled and run via systemd?

Driadan commented on 2013-06-05 07:54

Due to

line 263 should be changed to:

install -D -m755 ${srcdir}/build-fpm/sapi/fpm/php-fpm ${pkgdir}/usr/bin/php-fpm

Anonymous comment on 2013-04-15 18:41

checking for DB4 major version... configure: error: Header contains different version


devoncrouse commented on 2013-04-09 02:36

Anyone tested this on a fresh Arch install lately? I've used it before successfully, but this time not so much:

Had to disable mcrypt, db4, sysv stuff, openssl, and finally quit when I ran into problems with sqlite, since I need that.