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0strodamus commented on 2018-12-13 00:39

I'm seeing Import error "No module named sip" crashes in poptrayminus with 4.12.3. According to, "building PyQt4 v4.12.2 or later you must configure SIP to create a private copy of the sip module using a command line similar to the following: python --sip-module PyQt4.sip --no-dist-info --no-tools". I'm struggling to figure out how to get this to work and any help would be appreciated.

merlock commented on 2018-12-12 17:32

Not a show-stopper, but noticed that $CFLAGS or $CXXFLAGS are not honored in building.

buzo commented on 2018-12-12 16:20

Thanks for the hint! I have removed that dependency now.

Mkornby commented on 2018-12-12 12:22

It builds OK if you remove qt-assistant-compat from the makedepends in PKGBUILD

MKody commented on 2018-12-03 17:44

qt-assistant-compat was removed from the packages, we can't build this now.

GaelicGrime commented on 2018-11-09 01:51

same as vlatkob, and haven't figured out a workaround that functions yet

vlatkoB commented on 2018-10-23 20:07

Getting this error:

/bin/sh: ./sip: Is a directory Error: './sip -V' did not generate any output.

'./' prefix to sip could be the cause because "$ sip -V" gives "4.19.13" and sip is in /usr/bin. Tried cleanBuild with yay, the same.

buzo commented on 2018-10-23 08:16

michaldybczak: I built in a clean chroot and it works fine. Have you modified anything locally? Or is the file system full by chance? Which is your command line for building the package?

michaldybczak commented on 2018-10-23 06:54

Cannot build, because of some ultra vague error, any idea what this might be:

PyQt4 is being built with 'protected' redefined as 'public'. The Designer plugin will be installed in /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/designer. The QScintilla API file will be installed in /usr/share/qt4/qsci/api/python. The dbus support module will be installed in /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/dbus/mainloop. pyuic4, pyrcc4 and pylupdate4 will be installed in /usr/bin. The interpreter used by pyuic4 is /usr/bin/python2. Generating the C++ source for the QtCore module... Error: Unable to create the C++ code. ==> ERROR: Thre is an error in build(). Aborting... :: Unable to build pyqt4-common - makepkg exited with code: 4

buzo commented on 2018-10-22 15:04

Thanks for adding me as a co-maintainer. I have added sip to the dependencies and this package builds again.