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Bevan commented on 2016-08-08 18:05

Please refrain from posting links to the font files required to build this package. Microsoft fonts are protected by copyright and neither we nor you are allowed to distribute them. This package only provides an approach to cleanly integrate the fonts into an Arch Linux system provided that you have a licensed copy of Windows 10. Otherwise you can use the ttf-ms-fonts package to install publicly available fonts.

If you post comments intending to distribute the fonts via this page we need to contact administrators in order to remove your comment.

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Scimmia commented on 2017-11-20 18:28

Which has nothing to do with his question.

cswl, how do they not match?

doskoi commented on 2017-11-20 17:44

Use `makepkg --skipchecksums` :p

cswl commented on 2017-11-20 16:13

How can I use the fonts in my installed Windows 10.

I just `cp *` but the filenames do not match.

Do you have a script or something that copies from windows 10?

Bevan commented on 2017-11-19 23:04

diegod: The PKGBUILD targets the current stable Windows version 1709 and not 1803. Of course, you can edit the list of font files in the PKGBUILD and afterwards run updpkgsums to change the checksums to match the font files you have.

diegod commented on 2017-11-19 22:48

I'm getting validity check errors for most fonts and cannot find bahnschrift.ttf.
Fonts were extracted from a Windows 10 Pro version 1803 build 15063.674 machine.
edit: sorry, I thought I was up to date, but Windows lied to me. I'm now on 1709 and it worked perfectly.

Zepp commented on 2017-10-26 14:31

I found some fonts not included in PKGBUILD and wonder if they are legit to be added:
SimHei(zh-cn): simhei.ttf
KaiTi(zh-cn): simkai.ttf
FangSong(zh-cn): simfang.ttf
MS Mincho(japanese): msmincho.ttc
Meiryo(japanese): meiryo.ttc, meiryob.ttc
You can search in with name of these fonts.

Shatur commented on 2017-10-21 20:04

If someone can't find the holomdl2 font like me, here's my PKGBUILD without holomdl2:

Scimmia commented on 2017-10-20 02:05

I had really hoped that issue would go away with the Fall Creators Update. One of it's main features is more VR/AR support, so I would have expected holomdl2 to be everywhere.

Shatur commented on 2017-10-19 23:26

@Bevan, this is so weird :) Okay, I'll remove this font from my PKGBUILD.

Bevan commented on 2017-10-19 18:54

Shatur: The holomdl2 font is a bit mysterious: Some people have it in their Windows installation and some don't. You can just remove the corresponding line from the PKGBUILD, run "updpkgsums" and then run "makepkg" to build the packages without it.