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First Submitted: 2021-10-11 13:33 (UTC)
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Vaporeon commented on 2021-12-08 12:35 (UTC) (edited on 2021-12-08 12:43 (UTC) by Vaporeon)

If you wish to build the package using fonts from the ISO, run git checkout 5ba5194a795c71999d16510aeb4a24ecbc8d1782 after cloning the AUR package repo.

This will revert the PKGBUILD to match the font versions used in the release ISO.

The master branch HEAD tracks the font versions installed in an up-to-date live install and requires those fonts to be used as the source.

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Un1Gfn commented on 2022-05-08 09:39 (UTC) (edited on 2022-05-08 09:40 (UTC) by Un1Gfn)

I have the following installed (ttf-ms-win11-zh_cn)


Why do I get SimSun (substitution with Noto Sans CJK SC) in okular>File>Properties>Fonts and ugly text?

Vaporeon commented on 2022-03-15 18:49 (UTC) (edited on 2022-03-15 18:49 (UTC) by Vaporeon)

Un1Gfn: See the pinned comment in regards to building using the ISO fonts. The current package version always assumes an up to date live install.

When using other font versions you have two options. 1: check out the package at a version that matches the fonts you currently have. doing this means pkgver will properly match the versions of the fonts you have. -or- 2: skip checksum verification to force the current version to build with your current font files (as you have done).

Un1Gfn commented on 2022-03-14 05:28 (UTC) (edited on 2022-03-18 07:37 (UTC) by Un1Gfn)

build failure

==> Validating source files with sha256sums...
    seguibli.ttf ... Passed
    seguiemj.ttf ... FAILED
    seguihis.ttf ... Passed

ttf-ms-win11 10.0.22000.348-1

Win11_English_x64v1.iso sha256=4bc6c7e7c61af4b5d1b086c5d279947357cff45c2f82021bb58628c2503eb64e

I changed the sha256sum of seguiemj.ttf from edd76b88c44432ba1818992259c31d45abd28fbcfbb3eeebad3f6af27636213c to SKIP, and got a successful build.

Edit: Sorry I didn't read the pinned comment carefully. Got it now. Thanks.

Vaporeon commented on 2021-12-08 13:25 (UTC)

As said already this package tracks the fonts that are commonly installed across ALL versions of Windows 11. See [1] for the font list. Fonts that acquired using FOD (Feature On Demand) or that are only present on some installation media are excluded. The reason for this is that it is considered unreasonable to expect everyone obtain all of these font files in order to be able to build this package.

If you consider one or more of these optional fonts to be "essential", then that it is an issue to be taken with Microsoft. They made the distinction, not us.


Vaporeon commented on 2021-12-08 12:35 (UTC) (edited on 2021-12-08 12:43 (UTC) by Vaporeon)

If you wish to build the package using fonts from the ISO, run git checkout 5ba5194a795c71999d16510aeb4a24ecbc8d1782 after cloning the AUR package repo.

This will revert the PKGBUILD to match the font versions used in the release ISO.

The master branch HEAD tracks the font versions installed in an up-to-date live install and requires those fonts to be used as the source.

bbx0 commented on 2021-12-07 20:37 (UTC)

I had the same issue as @kogasa today - no ISO seems yet to contain the new seguiemj.ttf in version 1.33. You need an updated Win11 install to get it or maybe check on reddit, if someone just has found the new version.

kogasa commented on 2021-12-07 20:13 (UTC) (edited on 2021-12-07 20:17 (UTC) by kogasa)

As of today, seguiemj.ttf fails the validity check. I see the SHA256 hash for this font was updated today, but I'm not sure why. I downloaded the latest Win11 ISO (SHA256 4bc6c7e7c61af4b5d1b086c5d279947357cff45c2f82021bb58628c2503eb64e) and re-extracted the fonts, and the included copy has the old SHA256 hash.

darkengine commented on 2021-12-07 19:41 (UTC) (edited on 2021-12-07 19:42 (UTC) by darkengine)

Well, maybe we are talking past each other a little bit. MS Gothic, MS Mincho, and Meiryo are the default fonts on Japanese Windows 11. Extract Win11_Japanese_x64v1.iso and you can see this pretty clearly. The fonts in the document, in contrast, are the fonts that Microsoft guarantees will be available on all Windows locales.

I actually think including the fonts shipped by default in their respective locales actually makes the package more usable by the rest of the world. Shipping only a Gothic font isn't really useful for Japanese users. I'm sure the same applies to users in the other locales.

I'd rather just get this working than argue in the comments. If the maintainer of this packages only wants to include the UWP fonts, I'm happy to make a package that includes the fonts shipped by default in the various locales.

Scimmia commented on 2021-12-07 19:26 (UTC)

Look at the list again, they are NOT the default Japanese fonts on Windows. You seem determined on making this PKGBUILD unusable by the rest of the world, so le me be more blunt. What you expect does not matter. This is how Microsoft ships things, end of story.

And don't point to completely insane PKGBUILDs as an example; if anything, those PKGBUILDs are a prime example of what NOT to do.

darkengine commented on 2021-12-07 19:21 (UTC)

I would once again like to stress that the fonts I mentioned are the default Japanese fonts on Windows. They are not part of a FOD package. They are shipped by default on all CJK Windows 11 ISOs.

At any rate, take a look at eg ttf-ms-win8 or ttf-win7-fonts. Both include MS Mincho and MS Gothic. Shipping MS Gothic but not MS Mincho is like shipping Arial but not Times New Roman.

Scimmia commented on 2021-12-07 19:14 (UTC)

Ah, so this is just misunderstanding the package names. This packages the fonts that are included with all versions of Windows, then splits them up. It does NOT package things only included as FOD packages, as that pretty much eliminates it from working for everyone else. If you have an issue with what's included, talk to Microsoft.

darkengine commented on 2021-12-07 19:10 (UTC)

I generally agree, however I would reasonably expect "ttf-ms-win11-japanese" to include the fonts that are shipped on-disc by default by Japanese Windows 11. I would expect at the very least for it to include the default Gothic and Mincho fonts. It wouldn't be very useful to only include only sans-serif fonts for English, don't you agree?

Scimmia commented on 2021-12-07 19:07 (UTC)

darkengine, see

There's a whole lot of extra fonts included with supplemental FOD packages, there's no way to include them all, and picking and choosing makes little sense.

darkengine commented on 2021-12-07 18:03 (UTC)

You actually do not have to run a live install or Windows Update to get the fonts I mentioned. They are included in the Japanese installation ISO, which you can download from the URL mentioned in the PKGBUILD (you just choose Japanese instead of English).

Vaporeon commented on 2021-12-07 17:15 (UTC)

darkengine: This package is intended to track the base fonts installed by all versions of the install media. The fact those fonts are considered "optional features" by MS is rather annoying. Including those fonts would mean a large scope change for this package as we would now hard depend on a running live install and having optional features installed, and it would break peoples use case of extracting the required fonts from any available install media.

One way around this would be to have a secondary package "ttf-ms-win11-full" on the AUR that assumes all optional fonts from windows update are installed.

umaxtu: You are right and that should be changed. I am considering changing the package to have the ability to take the path to the fonts as an environment variable, defaulting to ./Fonts. This way, you could also build the package by passing the path directly to a Windows 11 fonts directory if you have it mounted somewhere on your system, saving the need to copy them.

darkengine commented on 2021-12-06 19:31 (UTC)

The ttf-ms-win11-japanese package is missing Meiryo and MS Mincho. They are included on the Japanese Windows 11 installation media, but not the English media. They are important as there is no Ming/Song/Mincho/serif style font in the package without MS Mincho.

The Japanese media includes even more Japanese fonts, but these two are the most important ones. SHA256 sums:

ad98d0f20b138d4bf1720ac4ff7ec7cc3e75154aa5fc3793f290730893e18536  meiryo.ttc
43a5d51a9aec83e3304cd7f0d697d9effe32131a61e85cb7e033451771f2d587  meiryob.ttc
9be3424e24837ef9f07a272e4aea7779b50eeb77a0a23a95bac8e6489624deb6  msmincho.ttc

umaxtu commented on 2021-10-31 16:02 (UTC)

It might be a good idea to make it a bit more clear that the PKGBUILD is intended to be in the same directory as all of the loose, extracted font files. The wimextract command that you provide in the PKGBUILD puts all of the extracted fonts into a fonts sub-directory. It didn't take me more then a minute to troubleshoot, but I doubt I'll be the only person to copy install.wim into the same directory as PKGBUILD and also runs winextract there too.

Scimmia commented on 2021-10-18 23:39 (UTC)

You're wasting your time, sauceorcus. They didn't bother to read it after the error told them to. They didn't bother to read it when the pinned comment in ttf-ms-win10 told them to (they made the same comment there). They aren't going to bother to read it now, either.

commented on 2021-10-18 20:32 (UTC)

@zeroconf You have clearly not read the PKGBUILD and are just blindly installing AUR Packages. That can be dangerous!

In this case, download the ISO, extract the fonts, download the PKGBUILD and put the fonts in that folder, build and finally install the package.

zeroconf commented on 2021-10-16 11:34 (UTC) (edited on 2021-10-16 11:36 (UTC) by zeroconf)

When trying to install:

==> Retrieving sources...

Unable to find file://*.ttf, please read the PKGBUILD

... will be announced in case of every font. I just replaced font name with asterisk to mention, that it happens in case of every font.

Same happens with checksums:

==> Validating source files with sha256sums... *.ttf ... NOT FOUND

Finally there will be announcement

==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check! -> error making: ttf-ms-win11

... and installation will be interrupted.