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Refutationalist commented on 2011-08-10 01:30

Oh, here's that patch to extract a PV-GRUB compatible kernel:

Refutationalist commented on 2011-08-10 01:29

The problem with HVM for me is apparently something in Xen 4.1.1 itself, as building a xen-unstable package fixes it.

And as far as the XZ-compressed kernels, there's an lkml patch out there that extracts an uncompressed vmlinux from a bzImage. I'm working on a script to automatically build and start an archlinux dom0 from domU, and this is how I'm making the stock kernel26 (for now, obv.) package work with Xen.

Using that and the kernel26-lts package, my phone server's been running in a dom0 for a couple weeks without trouble.

Huulivoide commented on 2011-08-09 16:03

what aboutdoing like this
[ "$CARCH" == "x86_64" ] && depends=(${depends} 'lib32-glibc')

bjorn-oivind commented on 2011-08-08 12:08

The 3.0 kernel has everything I need for domain-0, but the stock Arch images is XZ-compressed, which is not supported in Xen 4.1.
The following patches adds support for this, they are based on the commit introducing XZ-support in xen-unstable.hg (which can be found here: )


I just booted this with the stock arch 3.0.1 kernel, I've done no testing beyond that.
As a bonus, with this you can use XZ-compressed initrd's too.

Refutationalist commented on 2011-07-09 14:57

What kernel are folks using with this? The ood one in AUR? I've been rolling my own and having a heck of a time getting HVMs to run.

Refutationalist commented on 2011-07-05 20:54

This is a patch for the init scripts... I cut out some conditionals to check for distros we aren't and I added in some stuff to make it work better with the Arch Linux init process. The xendomains script works, but is hackish and looks funny.

haagch commented on 2011-05-27 23:40

Doesn't work with texi2html-5.0 anymore.
works with texi2html-1.82.

I think upstream knows it but it AGAIN breaks the build process.

linuxSEAT commented on 2011-05-26 09:24

Dependency `lib32-glibc' of `xen' does not exist.

Refutationalist commented on 2011-05-14 03:11

Looks like ocaml and ocaml-findlib are a requirement for (at least) building, and lzo2 is necessary for it to run.

robertfoster commented on 2011-04-22 09:39

gcc 4.6 issue fixed;
splitted in xen and xen-docs, to avoid the huge texlive-core dependency if doc is unneded
a little cleanup in $pkgdir