AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-04-03Updated to latest upstream release, added version requirements on aegir packa...James An
2017-04-03Moved conf files to new /etc conf directory, disabled the 'www' pool, and add...James An
2017-02-21Changed Aegir hosting queue daemon systemd unit file to run as aegir instead ...James An
2017-02-21Added apache web server systemd restarted command to sudo config for the aegi...James An
2017-02-13Fixed package source integrity checksums with updated values left out of prev...James An
2017-02-13Fixed PHP configuration so Aegir-specific directives do not affect other unre...James An
2017-02-13Fixed typo in creating package folders.James An
2017-02-01Changed aegir queue daemon to not run quietly, fixed nginx configuration syml...James An
2017-01-27Updated to the latest upstream release and corrected folder permissions to be...James An
2016-12-19Updated to latest upstream beta release, 7.x-3.9-beta1.James An