AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-10-06Update to 1.2.0 rev 1Mike Pento
2018-08-20Update to 1.1.0-7Mike Pento
2018-06-04Broke out slim and standard button themesMike Pento
2018-05-28Uncommented 'find' in package()Mike Pento
2018-05-27Updated file ids and checksums for latest version.Mike Pento
2018-02-14updated to current version, using sha256sumMarvin Schlegel
2018-01-18Updated to version 1.0.3-7Max J Rodríguez Beltrán
2018-01-17Updated to version 1.0.3-6Max J Rodríguez Beltrán
2017-12-11Updated to version 1.0.3-4Max J Rodríguez Beltrán
2017-11-29Updated to version 1.0.3-3Max J Rodríguez Beltrán