AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-06-09Remove module version to avoid kernel version clashWilliam Gathoye
2020-06-09Upgrade to 4.24 and patch for kernels > 5.5William Gathoye
2020-06-09Add module version to differenciate with default moduleWilliam Gathoye
2020-06-09Use kernel updates folder to avoid blacklisting and name changesWilliam Gathoye
2020-06-09Use template from Arch Linux DKMS article as much as possibleWilliam Gathoye
2020-02-16Fix DKMS package build processWilliam Gathoye
2019-01-17Build against right kernel versionWilliam Gathoye
2019-01-16Fix for kernel 4.20 as internal structures have changedWilliam Gathoye
2018-11-17Upgrade to 4.23.0William Gathoye
2017-06-10Get package features from asix-ax88179-dkmsWilliam Gathoye