AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-12-12update maintainer infoNBonaparte
2017-01-26change pkgver git tag parsingEdgard Castro
2016-12-02cleanup pkgbuildEdgard Castro
2016-11-29fixes build, remove systemd patchEdgard Castro
2016-04-29Updated package to latest upstream commit.James An
2016-01-26Updated to latest upstream version, removed commands related to the obsolete ...James An
2015-11-17Added a basic .gitignore file to exclude typical upstream source files.James An
2015-04-30Updated autorandr-git to current commit and tightened its PKGBUILD to more ac...James An
2015-01-17Fixed output of pkgver() function autorandr-git by suppressing its stderr out...James An
2015-01-16Added to autorandr-git an install file to refresh udev rules and moved its ex...James An