AgeCommit messageAuthor
14 daysupdated to new version + added new dependency vkbasalt-clilotation
2022-10-17updated bottles to latest releaselotation
2022-10-14updated bottleslotation
2022-09-28Updated bottles to 2022.9.28.1 (I have a life too c; )Francesco Masala
2022-08-04Fixed epoch on PKGBUILDFrancesco Masala
2022-08-02Urgent rollback to version 2022-5-28 because libadwaita on official arch repo...Francesco Masala
2022-06-16Updated pefileFrancesco Masala
2022-06-15Fixed DepsFrancesco Masala
2022-06-15Rollback to latest Trento versionFrancesco Masala