AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-20fix issue: Unable to canonicalize pathGaetan Bisson
2018-06-02add pacman-contrib dependency for paccacheGaetan Bisson
2018-03-14updateGaetan Bisson
2017-12-12better this wayGaetan Bisson
2017-11-27simplify stuffGaetan Bisson
2017-10-26fix oopsyGaetan Bisson
2017-10-261.0 had to be released some day, it means nothing... :)Gaetan Bisson
2017-09-10spawn multi-threaded vm'sGaetan Bisson
2017-03-25switch to sha256sumGaetan Bisson
2017-01-06switch to httpsGaetan Bisson