AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-10-22Update to upstream v1.10.0Elias Werberich
2022-09-21Update to upstream v1.9.1Elias Werberich
2022-08-28Update to upstream v1.9.0Elias Werberich
2022-07-29Refactor PKGBUILD to match go package guidelinesElias Werberich
2022-07-20Update to upstream v1.8.0Elias Werberich
2022-05-16Update to upstream v1.7.0Elias Werberich
2022-03-20Update to upstream v1.6.1Elias Werberich
2022-03-18Update to upstream v1.6.0Elias Werberich
2021-11-21Update to upstream v1.2.0Elias Werberich
2021-09-17Ensure mod cache is created with read-write permissionsElias Werberich