AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-05-30bump version to 11.2Théo Le Calvar
2019-05-29change Qt4 dependency to Qt5Théo Le Calvar
2019-04-01bump version to 11.1Théo Le Calvar
2019-03-05bump version to 11.0Théo Le Calvar
2019-02-21bump version to v10.11.4-2Théo Le Calvar
2019-02-21apply fix from @lukas2511, remove decklink.install file (unused)Théo Le Calvar
2019-01-07bump version to v10.11.4, use PKGBUILD from goldensuner, drop decklink.instal...Florent Thiéry
2018-05-28update to 10.10Florent Thiéry
2018-02-23bump version to 10.9.11Florent Thiéry
2018-02-01rework install script (modularize it); it now cleans up the system after remo...Florent Thiéry