AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-04-18Updated to version 3.10.9cyrozap
2019-01-30Updated to version 3.9.1cyrozap
2019-01-30Use S3 URL to work around issue with expired certificatecyrozap
2018-08-17Updated to version 3.8.2cyrozap
2018-02-04Updated to version 3.7.5cyrozap
2017-10-01Updated to version 3.6.8cyrozap
2017-04-22Updated to version 3.5.4cyrozap
2016-12-08Updated to version 3.4.7cyrozap
2016-08-28Moved digilent.adept.runtime from "optdepends" to "depends"cyrozap
2016-07-31Updated to version 3.3.7cyrozap