AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-10-26minor tweaks, documentation, 1.1.5Dian Fay
2016-10-23better list, 1.1.4Dian Fay
2016-10-23better sanity checking, 1.1.3Dian Fay
2016-10-23add "dom4 list" to show configured gamesDian Fay
2016-10-23logging!Dian Fay
2016-10-19need root to copy between home directoriesDian Fay
2016-10-19documentationDian Fay
2016-10-18bump versionDian Fay
2016-10-18small improvements/cleanupDian Fay
2016-10-17include steamcmd install and simplify a bunch of stuffDian Fay