AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-04-02Add xfce4-screensaver to optdepends.Ted Alff
2020-03-05Update for python3Ted Alff
2019-05-26Correct arch to anyTed Alff
2019-05-26Version bump and add epochTed Alff
2019-05-18Add spydaap as optdependsTed Alff
2019-02-17typoTed Alff
2019-02-16Update mutagen dependency to python2-mutagen. Add some additional optional de...Ted Alff
2018-09-25Version bump 4.0.0 rc3Ted Alff
2018-06-29Update 4.0.0+rc0Ted Alff
2018-03-16Version bump 4.0.0 beta 3Ted Alff