AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-11-24Update to 0.17.79Thomas Lercher
2019-10-29Update to 0.17.74Thomas Lercher
2019-10-18Update to 0.17.69 (incl. LICENSE update)Thomas Lercher
2018-09-23Use the factorio API for game downloadsMickaël Thomas
2018-06-22update to 0.16.51Mickaël Thomas
2018-04-02update to 0.16.36Mickaël Thomas
2017-12-05update to 0.15.40Sebastien Duthil
2017-10-17update to 0.15.37Sebastien Duthil
2017-09-05update to 0.15.34Sebastien Duthil
2017-08-15update to 0.15.33Sebastien Duthil