AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-11-14Update to 11.2.0Alexandre Macabies
2018-06-08Update to 11.1.0Alexandre Macabies
2018-01-18Update to 11.0.0Alexandre Macabies
2017-01-04Update to 10.0.0Alexandre Macabies
2016-08-18Use github release instead of (partially down)Alexandre Macabies
2016-08-16Update to 9.0.0Alexandre Macabies
2016-02-24Update to 8.0.1 (new freedesktop icon included)Alexandre Macabies
2015-12-08Update to 7.1.2Alexandre Macabies
2015-12-02Update to 7.1.1Alexandre Macabies
2015-11-18Update to 7.0.1Alexandre Macabies