AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-12-06Updated to v2.5.9.27139; removed not longer needed patchesBenjamin Bukowski
2018-08-20Backup config filesBenjamin Bukowski
2018-08-20Fix missing libio.hBenjamin Bukowski
2018-03-21Fix issue where fbserver was unable to load fbintl.Benjamin Bukowski
2018-03-12Updated to v2.5.8; fix gcc6 and icu60 compilation errorsBenjamin Bukowski
2017-05-04Fix build with newer icu versionBenjamin Bukowski
2017-03-30Fix file permissionsBenjamin Bukowski
2017-03-29Fixed conflict with unixodbcBenjamin Bukowski
2017-03-29Adjust path of default login creds in post install messageBenjamin Bukowski
2017-03-29* Updated to version Bukowski