AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-07-31Updates to match [extra]Devin Cofer
2019-05-22Added xvfb usage, updated to match [extra]Devin Cofer
2019-04-23Cosmetic, upload-symbol-archive from [extra]Devin Cofer
2019-04-22Fix SRCINFODevin Cofer
2019-04-22Synced with [extra]. Needs nss-hgDevin Cofer
2019-02-06Add nasm makedepDevin Cofer
2019-01-09Updated to 66.0a1 - r506165Devin Cofer
2018-12-20Turn strip back off, add sqlite dep backDevin Cofer
2018-12-20LTO/PGO from [extra], ~65.0b6Devin Cofer
2018-11-09enable dbusSerkan Hosca