AgeCommit messageAuthor
10 daysUpdate to latest 0.18 commitGabriel Souza Franco
2019-07-18Update to 0.18.3Gabriel Souza Franco
2019-05-16Update to 0.18.2Gabriel Souza Franco
2019-04-07Update to latest 0.18 commitGabriel Souza Franco
2019-03-13Add missing dependenciesGabriel Souza Franco
2019-03-12Update to version 0.18Gabriel Souza Franco
2019-01-23Fix breakage caused by CMake 3.13.3Gabriel Souza Franco
2019-01-18Update for Boost 1.69, reenabled Web moduleGabriel Souza Franco
2018-12-18Remove email address on requestGabriel Souza Franco
2018-09-24Update and force rebuild for new BoostGabriel Souza Franco