AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-05-16Add undefined glyph patch added to official packageCharles Bos
2019-03-22Update to 2.10.0Charles Bos
2018-06-01Update to 2.9.1Charles Bos
2018-02-02Remove 0002-ttf-assign-ttf-metrics-to-face-metrics.patch which was mistakenly...Charles Bos
2018-02-02Replace revert_allow_linear_scaling.patch with an equivalent patch from freeb...Charles Bos
2018-02-01Add 2.9 regression patch as per the official packageCharles Bos
2018-01-15Update to 2.9Charles Bos
2017-09-17As per official package, remove subpixel rendering patch and remove docs. the...Charles Bos
2017-09-16Update to 2.8.1Charles Bos
2017-06-11Add patch which reverses a change causing issues with font spacingCharles Bos