AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-23Fixed patchingTobias Bachmann
2019-03-22Version bumpTobias Bachmann
2018-11-26Initial commit for FSL 6.0Tobias Bachmann
2018-05-04Update to 5.0.11Cornholio
2018-04-16Always use the .mk files shipped w/ the PKGBUILDFrank Fishburn
2017-11-26Fix checksumsCornholio
2017-11-26Fix checksumsCornholio
2017-11-26Fixed checksums, bumped pkgver, fixed build, added dependenciesCornholio
2017-06-13Use makepkg build flagsCornholio
2017-06-13Use system Tk (/usr/bin/wish) and export PATHCornholio