AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-03-01Update to dev 1903Luca 'meti' P
2019-01-27Update to latest dev releaseLuca 'meti' P
2019-01-02Forgot to update release versionLuca 'meti' P
2019-01-02Use libusb-compat as optdepend instead of libusbLuca 'meti' P
2018-11-11Minor tweaks to PKGBUILDLuca 'meti' P
2018-09-27Forgot .SRCINFOLuca 'meti' P
2018-09-27Development version 1810Luca 'meti' P
2018-06-12Update to 1806Luca 'meti' P
2018-04-21- Forgot to put libical as a hard dep, corrected.Luca 'meti' P
2018-04-21- Updated to 1804 betaLuca 'meti' P