AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-08-11Updated install message to describe pvgrub2 mkstandalone processChris Chapman
2020-08-09Initialize a package to build the GRUB for the Xen platformChris Chapman
2020-02-06Mirror changes to grub.default in [Core]Llewelyn Trahaearn
2019-06-12Resolve build issues that appeared after upstream commit [35b909062e7b334eb4a...Llewelyn Trahaearn
2019-04-01Update PKGBUILD to accommodate changes in upstream commit 35b909062e7b334eb4a...Llewelyn Trahaearn
2019-01-21Trim down pkgver()Llewelyn Trahaearn
2019-01-20Cleanup white space for consistent appearance.Llewelyn Trahaearn
2019-01-20Major rewrite of build() and package() for increased readability and easier m...Llewelyn Trahaearn
2018-07-26Remove duplicate symbol workaround for i386-efi build as this has been resolv...Llewelyn Trahaearn
2018-07-11Mirror changes in [Core], including FreeType pkg-config fix.Llewelyn Trahaearn