AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-02-11bumped version to 1.20.8, added patch to cabal file to build now that semigro...Jaron Kent-Dobias
2017-10-20Fix SRCINFOEmanuel Amaral Couto
2017-10-20Update to version 1.20.7Emanuel Amaral Couto
2015-07-11Fixed source info.André van Delden
2015-07-11Update to versioné van Delden
2015-06-29Fixed dependencies.André van Delden
2015-06-29Fixed checksum and dependenciesAndré van Delden
2015-06-29Fixed checksumsAndré van Delden
2015-06-29Update to versioné van Delden
2015-06-28Initial importAndré van Delden