AgeCommit messageAuthor
2022-01-24Disable debugRaymond Li
2022-01-10Add completionsRaymond Li
2020-11-22Update pkgrel for reverted commit, putting back git as a build depBrandon Clifford
2020-11-22Revert "Remove git make dependency since it's included in base-devel"Brandon Clifford
2020-11-18pkgrel bumpBrandon Clifford
2020-11-18Remove git make dependency since it's included in base-develBrandon Clifford
2020-09-03Remove sed hack, fixed upstreamBrandon Clifford
2020-09-03Update to latest pkgver and add backup array for i3lock pam.d configBrandon Clifford
2020-05-13Small fixes to detailsRaymond Li
2020-03-10Update URL param, not just sourceBrandon Clifford