AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-05-08Switch to IBC fork and package IBC 3.6.0Ben Alex
2017-12-273.4.3_1 to fix edemo/fdemo paper trade INI samplesBen Alex
2017-12-18Update to IBController 3.4.3Ben Alex
2017-07-22Update to IBController 3.4.2Ben Alex
2017-07-20Release 3.4.0-2 to improve ibcontroller@.serviceBen Alex
2017-07-18Update SRCINFO for 3.4.0Ben Alex
2017-07-18Update to IB Controller 3.4.0Ben Alex
2017-05-31Add .SRCINFOBen Alex
2017-05-31Modifications to support ib-tws layout changesBen Alex
2016-08-23Add new options to sample INIsBen Alex