AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-06$pkgver now includes date -- turns out that update date might change while ot...root
2018-12-18New version 1.30_lib2.9.0.0-1.felics
2018-10-18License file changed again; changed license file's checksum to 'SKIP'.felics
2018-10-18License file changed -> checksum update.felics
2017-12-17made an abstraction in the PKGBUILD.felics@felics-tablet
2017-01-28New version 1.27_lib2.9.0.0-1.felics@felics-tablet
2016-12-21Changed pist install message, and changed debug messages prefix in wrapper sc...felics@felics-tablet
2016-12-11Updated for 2016/2017 timetable yearfelics@felics-tablet
2016-09-04Added the license as optdepend.felics@felics-tablet