AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-01-14Bump to v0.8.2Sam Whited
2020-01-09Upstream force pushed a tagSam Whited
2020-01-07Bump to v0.8.1Sam Whited
2020-01-06Bump to v0.8.0 and lots of package cleanupSam Whited
2019-02-07Bump to v0.4.9Sam Whited
2019-01-23Bump to v0.4.8Sam Whited
2019-01-22Patch from the correct directorySam Whited
2019-01-22Bump to v0.4.7 and change config file to patchSam Whited
2019-01-19Updates to tmpfiles and serviceSam Whited
2019-01-19Saner default configSam Whited