AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-08-06Fix linking to pdflib-lite libraryJiří Klimeš
2020-08-06Lua 5.4 is now default in Arch Linux - update for thatJiří Klimeš
2020-08-06Update to upstream version 5.14Jiří Klimeš
2020-06-15Update to upstream version 5.13Jiří Klimeš
2020-02-13Make sure to link with Gtk3Jiří Klimeš
2020-02-13Do not use msg2 functionJiří Klimeš
2020-01-27update .SRCINFOJiří Klimeš
2020-01-27bump pkgrelJiří Klimeš
2020-01-27Enable building with pango-1.44 (that now depends on harfbuzz)Jiří Klimeš
2020-01-27Fix build on updated kernel with not-cleaned-build-sourceJiří Klimeš