AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-09-14misc changes/improvementsChih-Hsuan Yen
2018-08-15Bump to 0.13.0; fix dependencyChih-Hsuan Yen
2018-05-24Bump to 0.13.0; fix dependencyChih-Hsuan Yen
2017-10-21 fix dependenciesYen Chi Hsuan
2017-06-20Add lxqt-build-tools to makedependsJerome Leclanche
2016-08-08Add a dependency on libxssJerome Leclanche
2016-04-06Depend on non-git libqtxdgJerome Leclanche
2015-08-30Version bump due to ABI changesJerome Leclanche
2015-06-09Initial import from old AURJerome Leclanche